Welcome to Travel Directory, a soon-to-be, worldwide travel guide.

How Traveldir.co Came to Be

AboutWe know full well how much time is wasted online searching out travel destination after destination. These hours we’ve let slip away could’ve been spent traveling and learning about new cultures rather than figuring out the how’s and where’s.

While we’ve learned so much over our travels, we don’t just want to share what we know; we want to inspire more people to live their dreams just like we do.

Our Core Values

AboutThere’s nothing in this world we value more than the freedom to do whatever we choose to each day.

It is this single engine that drives our hopes and dreams, as well as inspires us to ensure we do not take this journey alone.

Our Mission

The main goal we set our sights on each day is to document the entire world and include travel guides for every exotic destination known to man.

While this requires lofty expectations and sometimes seems like a foolish effort, it is nonetheless the wall we chip at away at each and every day.

Travel See, Travel Do

AboutThe mind of a true traveler is ever-evolving and with each new place visited, we add ten more to our bucket list.

For those of us who always look ahead, rather than behind, we know the travel road is long and that there is always something new to see and do.

Why We Have Such High Expectations

AboutWhen we proved those wrong who told us we could not live the travel year round, we began to set a very high bar of what could be accomplished when we set our minds to it.

Our belief that anything is possible with a little hard work is the main force that drives us. It not only goes a long way in helping us achieve our goals, but it also provides a sunny outlook that helps us weather every storm.

Our Passion For Travel

AboutAs avid lovers of the backpacker lifestyle, our life-long journey is forever taking us to new heights in both body and mind. As we’ve grown older, we’ve learned to appreciate both traveling on a budget and living a life of luxury.

When people question why we spend so much of our time and money on traveling, we simply state that we value memories and experiences over things. While others may dream about a fancy house or car, we simply dream about another day on the road and those who may meet next.

Join Us

Our goal to document the world is not one we can accomplish alone. If you like to travel blog or want to share your stories and secrets about any destination, in any country, let us know.

We are always looking for new people to work with us, so that we can turn more dreams into reality.