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Ad Formats

We deliberately chose to only reserve three spots for sponsors, making sure their messages are seen and don’t disappear in a tsunami of ads.

Available Ad Spots

Title Banner

Leaderboard banner right below our menu and shown on all pages.

MPU or Medium Rectangle located in the sidebar below the search box and shown on all pages.

Post Banner

Leaderboard banner shown at the bottom of all posts, before call to action.

Mobile Ads

All possibilities mentioned above are also shown on smartphones and tablets, albeit in different positions and formats to accommodate the device’s viewport.

Ad Delivery Specifications


728 x 90 pixels

MPU or Medium Rectangle

300 x 250 pixels or 336 x 280 pixels

Image Format



We DO NOT allow animation of any kind.

Maximum File Size

40 KB

Ad Guidelines

  • All white and light-colored creatives must have a dark one-pixel border
  • We target all ads to all versions of Chrome, IE and Firefox unless otherwise mentioned.
  • We DO NOT allow any form of advertising that is deemed to be misleading or confusing to our visitors.
  • All ads are subject to final editorial approval.

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