Submarine Safari

What could be better than diving deep in a submarine to view the beautiful sea and the rich underwater life?

Short of joining the Navy, the average person would never get the chance view the inside of a submarine in anything but a museum. To experience the inner working of one, able to see out is the thing that dreams are made of.

A Sub-level Experience

The submarine safari tour will take you on a shipwreck visit, as well to observe the various sea life within the coral reefs surrounding Puerto Calero.

The glass cabin within also has full air-conditioning, so you can feel comfortable while being amazed by the panoramic views of the deep blue sea.

The World Below The Surface

The tour starts with a quick land briefing from where you will transfer to the main submarine platform by a motorboat.

After everyone is on board, the submarine starts to descend, and that is when the real fun begins.

A camera atop the submarine bridge allows for a frontal viewpoint via TV monitor screen within. Each passenger also has their own look-out window so they can view the underwater world up close.

At thirty-five meters under the sea, you’ll see species that are quite rare and stay hidden from the average snorkeler.

Your well-educated guide will keep you up-to-date with what you’re viewing. If you look closely at the beautiful exotic corals that decorate the seabed, you can almost see them breathing.

Dive Deep via Video


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