Holi: March 20-21

Organized by the Hindi community, Holi or The Festival of Colors is a traditional occasion that occurs every year in communities across the globe. There are no borders to this festival, just an anbundance of peace, tranquility love and well, color!

The purpose of Holi is to celebrate good over evil, and the beginning of spring and this is the time when radiant colors bloom.

Festival Attractions

During this celebration, there is playing and dancing, and everyone gets covered in multi-colored powders.

This isn’t referring just to the kids either. During Holi, all individuals are obliged to get caked in color, and you are also supposed to bring your own powers.

Festival Food

Make sure you bring your appetite and an empty stomach as many delicious Indian food dishes will be served on the street!

What to Pack

Bring your most radiant clothes and get ready to listen to Hindi street music everywhere you turn.

If you don’t have any colored powders at hand, no worries, you can still buy them in most Puerto del Carmen shops.


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