Live Webcams in Lanzarote

While you’ll find the scenery in Lanzarote to be quite incredible in real life, you can view it online via webcams of the airport, the mountains, beaches, and hotels.

Lanzarote Airport

The live airport cam is one of the best you’ll see in Lanzarote, as well as for the airport. What makes it special is that the cam viewpoint changes depending on the time of day. The live flight radar is only a graphical representation of airport traffic, whereas the airport view in Puerto del Carmen is flimsy at best.

Live Airport Cam

The airport cam is quite active and switches views throughout the day depending on what is going. You can see flights land and take off and watch them taxi to the terminal and unload passengers. At other times the camera pans towards the mountains or up in the sky as planes come in for sunset landings. All-in-all, this is one of the most interesting webcams in the Canaries, let alone Lanzarote.

Live Flight Radar

Provided by Flightradar24 this is a great way to track flight patterns over Lanzarote as well as get real-time flight data. With it, you can easily keep an eye on incoming arrivals or to ensure flights have departed.

Costa Teguise

There are two cams in Costa Teguige, but the beach bar cam is by far the most popular and fun-filled, while the Hotel Los Fariones cam is pretty good for sunsets.

Beach Bar

One of the most popular cams when online as it shows a live feed of the Beach Bar’s main seating area and pointed out the open windows towards the beach. You’ll see many people wave to the camera for those watching back home. You can also use it to gauge beach weather or the bar crowd and know that it’s time to join in the fun.
Typically the cam starts around 12 pm, but it’s been offline quite a bit of late.

View Cam on Ustream | View Cam Homepage

Hotel Los Fariones

While the cam is stationed near Playas de Las Cucharas, you can’t really see the beach. The view is from the top, but well worth watching the sunset in the evening. You can also get a sense of the weather as well as the wind that blows the palm trees.

View Cam on Skyline

Playa de Las Cucharas

When this cam is live, it offers a decent, although somewhat distant, beach view of Playa de Las Cucharas. It’s offline, most of the time now which is disappointing.

Check Cam Status on Skyline


There is only one webcam in Famara, but it’s a decent view of the beach from the El Cruce Surf Shop

Surf Beach Cam

This cam is a view of Playa Famara from the El Cruce Surf Shop. You’ll see many people on the beach in the timelapse, especially those with surfboards walking by. Early mornings and late afternoons are the best time to catch the waves, as well as, live surfing action.

View cam on


There’s not a whole lot of webcam action going on in Arrecife. Even though it’s the biggest town in Lanzarote, the only option is the cruise ship dock, where very little if anything happens.

Cruise Ship Dock

Unless there is a cruise ship docking or on its way out of the harbor, there’s not much to see. The cam looks a more like a still photograph than anything else, but some small boats do come and go. It is, however, decent to view the live weather in Arrecife as the live cam shows a lot of sky.

Puerto del Carmen

For a bustling tourist town, there’s not a lot of to see on cam here either. The rooftop view is okay and airport view is more sky than anything else.

Rooftop View

Other than the Casino sign lighting up at night and a view of traffic that is mostly converted by the clinic advertisement, this cam is pretty static. The time-lapse function can give an idea of the general weather.

Puerto del Carmen: Lanzarote Webcam

Airport View

There’s not much going on this cam, but it useful to check live weather and wind conditions. You can see the palm trees blowing and a lot of the sky. The airport view is really only a small portion of the runway visible in the lower-left corner. If you’re lucky, you’ll barely see a wing or a nose go by. The live airport cam is much better.

Charco del Palo

While the town is more known for naturist beach, you’ll find more than a few people sitting in front Lili’s Pub Cam to get a souvenir photo.

Lili’s Pub

The webcam is situated on the pub exterior and looks toward the Atlantic Ocean and the Charco del Palo bungalows. The time-lapse photo is updated every 5 minutes with sunset being the only real-time worth viewing.

View on Charco del Palo website

San Bartolomé / Macher

Radio Tower View

The AltantisFM radio tower cam provides a high overview of Lanzarote, as it looks down upon Guacimeta, Puerto del Carmen, Güime and Playa Honda. This is more of a middle-island landscape timelapse that showcases the mountain towns from above. It can also give you a sense of what it would feel like to be standing there and enjoying the view.

San Bartolomé › South-West: Güime − Playa Honda − Guacimeta − Puerto del Carmen


While Haría does have a gorgeous landscape, there aren’t any webcams that capture it. The view from Cana Betancor is fairly decent but other than cloud cover it doesn’t change much.

Casa Betancor View

A time-lapse look upon the mountain village of Haría where other than some cloud movement you’re not likely to spot many changes from one scene to the next.

Haría: Canarias


The only cam in this sleepy little mountain town offers a decent view of a Timafaya sunset, but that’s about it.

Timanfaya View

A static photo timelapse from the Mediafish office that overlooks the town and the mountain. The only real thing of interest is the sunset as this small town in Timanfaya gets very little tourist traffic.

Tinajo › West


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