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Dolphin Discovery

For all of us, there are certain life experiences that we never forget.

Maybe it was our first kiss or the moment we realized we could finally ride a bike without the damn thing tipping sideways. Whatever our experiences are, the majority of them wither away in our minds and disappear into distant memory.

There are, however, always a rare few memories that resonate deeply within and stay with us forever.

The Dolphin Touch

Swimming with dolphins is not only an occasion that people remember but its also something that plays through individual’s hearts and minds long after the experience is over.

Sure you can get an adrenaline rush from skydiving, but that feeling with soon disappear whereas the sense of closeness while swimming with these sentient beings will last a lifetime.

At Dolphin Discovery, you have the opportunity to experience this life-changing event. These tours not only allow you to swim with dolphins, but you can also experience what its like to interact with them on a personal level.

A first-hand glimpse of their incredible speed, agility, strength, and remarkable intelligence are but feel things you’ll experience up close and personal.

The Doplhin Experience

From the get-go, trainers are there to help you interact with the dolphins, so in that sense, it’s a completely guided experience. All you have to do is follow the instructions of the trainer.

The tours themselves are not rushed. On the contrary, trainers will give you plenty of time with your new finned friends in a calm, yet thrilling environment.

Imagine your surprise feeling when you are pulled by through the water by a speedy and agile dolphin, as he carries you on his belly. Imagine the joyful moment when you or your kids get to hug and kiss your new best friend.

Doplhin Education

The trainers at Dolphin Discovery are experts in making sure everything runs smoothly throughout your encounter with these magnificent creatures.

Furthermore, the trainers themselves are extremely knowledgeable and teach visitors a range of different facts about the dolphins, their natural ecosystem and their ways of communicating with each other and with humans.

Doplhin Thrills

Commonly, the most satisfying feeling experience is when you are simply pulled through the tank by the dolphin, while reassurance is continually given by the trainers who observe diligently and always make sure everything goes exactly to plan.

Once the encounter is over, the thrills remain in the body for a long time, as for many, many people this is a dream come true and a once in a lifetime experience that they will never forget.

Doplhin Tales

So, that’s the good stuff, what about the bad?

There’s no denying it, out of all the Riveria Maya experiences you can take part in, swimming with dolphins is one of the most expensive.

Severe weather in low-season can cause tour cancellations at short notice, as storms or heavy winds disrupt everyone’s plans in the area. Free rescheduling is included in all packages, and if using an agency like GetYourGuide, you’ll have 24 hours in advance to cancel with no fuss, no matter the reason.

Dolphin Swim Package Deals

Should you decide to take the plunge, there are three primary package options to choose from but do note that kids must swim with a paying adult.

Dolphin Encounter

This is the basic package which includes:

  • Ferry rides from Cancun to Isla Mujeres and back to Cancun
  • 15-minute briefing and 40 min in the water with dolphins
  • Beach Club (lockers, showers, swimming pool, lounge chairs)
  • Simple buffet meal & National open bar

Dolphin behaviors you’ll experience:

  • Hand target
  • Handshake
  • Kiss
  • Hug

Dolphin Swim Adventure Upgrade

This upgrade offers an extra 10-minutes to swim with dolphins and go beyond the meet and greet encounter.

  • 50 minutes in the water with dolphins instead of 40 minutes
  • Extra belly ride and boogie push behaviors/li>

Dolphin Royal Swim VIP Upgrade

This swim upgrade offers an extra 20-minutes to swim with dolphins and get those Kodak moment foot doral two and foot push shots rather than a belly ride and boogie push.

Furthermore, you’ll also receive a ferry breakfast and the upgraded lunch buffet option over the more simple buffet meal.

  • Continental breakfast (bread, juice and coffee) on the ferry
  • 60 minutes in the water with dolphins instead of 40 or 50 minutes
  • Extra foot push and dorsal tow behaviors/li>
  • Observation Snorkeling with stingrays
  • Island Bicycle tour
  • VIP area restaurants and panoramic pool.

Dolphin Memories Extra

It includes all options found in each package along with:

  • Continental breakfast (bread, juice and coffee) on the ferry
  • Digital photographs of your program and 1 printed photograph
  • Isla Mujeres city tour

Additional Costs

  • More than one printed photo
  • $10 USD – Isla Mujeres dock fee payable at check-in (6 years+)
  • $16 USD – Ground transportation if not arriving by ferry

Manatee and Sea Lion Programs
Observation Snorkeling with sharks

Additional Notes

    • Minimum height to participate in Sea Lion program is 1.40m
    • Minimum height to participate in Manatee program is 1.20m
    • Children ranging from 1-7 years of age or with a stature inferior to 1.20mts can participate in the in the Royal Swim program accompanied by two adults
    • Children 8 years and up or with a stature of more than 1.20mts can participate in the Royal Swim program accompanied by one adult
    • Children over ten years of age or above 1.40m can participate alone in any program when paying the adult rate
    • In case it is only one adult and a child with a height inferior to 1.20mts, both must carry out the Encounter program
    • Infants and children up to 7 years of age will perform the encounter activities regardless of the program in which they participate
    • The use of life jacket is required in all water programs
    • For security reasons, the use of cameras in the water is not allowed, professional photos will be available for sale

IMPORTANT: Cash payments for check-in, restaurant, boutique, and photos require payment in Mexican pesos over American dollars.

Payment for international credit or debit card payments can be processed in either Mexican or US currency.