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Real Estate Developments in Playas del Coco

There are many unique residential community developments in Playas del Coco that range from resort-style living to luxurious ocean-view neighborhoods, to private gated communities.

The path you choose will likely depend on your budget, but rest assured, you’ll not be short on choices when buying your dream home in Playas del Coco.

Altos de Cacique

The name translates as King’s Hill or King’s Heights, so it’s no surprise that Altos de Cacique is an exclusive, luxury community that sits high above the rest of Coco.

The development is located between Playas del Coco and Playa Hermosa and offers road access to both which makes it quite convenient to visit nearby stores, restaurants, and beaches.

Inside this private, nature-oriented community, you’ll find picturesque cobblestone streets and old-fashion lampposts. Each property was designed to take advantage of the scenery offering stunning views of the Papagayo Gulf, and the deep woods.

The sunsets atop the hill are spectacular and a walk down in the evening can provide a magical experience and as you see Coco drenched in an orange glow. The decorative streetlights are very unique, as neighborhood lighting, in general, is quite rare in Costa Rica.

Spacious would also be another word to describe the properties atop Altos de Cacique, where each structure is uniquely built to satisfy the owner’s needs. If you want to purchase a property in this luxurious, you can choose between individual houses or the remaining building lots which are generally between 500 and 700 m2 each. Most importantly, however, there are no HOA fees here, which is a rarity among the luxurious communities in the Papagayo region.


Merged into a tranquil, resort-style setting, Pacifico’s private gated community is a favorite among buyers and renters alike. Located right in the heart of Coco’s downtown, you will not have a more centrally located development in the Papagayos.

A private access road leads into this tropical paradise of Mediterranean-style condominiums and pools, along with luxuriously built homes and villas. Everywhere you look, you’ll find palm trees, greenery, and exotic gardens.

From two to four-bedroom condos and multi-level houses with ocean views, Pacifico provides owners with a peaceful and cozy atmosphere in a highly secure wonderland. Directly outside the main gate are all the amenities that Coco has to offer, but inside it’s carefully designed and executed, up to the last finishes. The resort grounds include a sports area with a few tennis and pickleball courts. Just outside the main gate, you’ll also find boutique shops, fine-dining restaurants, a gym, and a US comparable high-end grocery store.

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Coco Bay Estates

Another luxurious community in town is Coco Bay Estate offers an exclusive lifestyle that, at the same time remains warm and friendly with the newcomers. Community living here includes amazing views of the Pacific ocean, along with excellent amenities like tennis courts, swimming pools, and a fitness center staffed with professional personnel.

Life here feels just like being in a holiday resort, and it even includes a club restaurant that is exclusive to members. The paved streets, cozy terracotta roofs, breezy terraces, and nearby wild forests only add to the charm.

Ladera del Mar

Yet another exclusive community, which translates as Ocean Hillside or Ocean’s Slope. As you can easily guess, the development sits at the top of Coco at a height of 375 feet above sea level. The oceans views here need to be seen, while its close proximity to the downtown core makes it quite convenient.

The extra height here allows you to truly feel the ocean breezes, providing a cooler temperature. The surrounding tropical forests and the ocean views of the islands of the Papagayo Gulf make for quite a scene.

One other thing that stands out about Ladera del Mar is the property size, which averages around 5,000 square meters. If you’re looking for a home with the utmost privacy and serenity, you cannot do better than this community where your neighbors can barely be seen or heard.


The word Sombras comes from the Spanish term meaning shade or shaded. It also truly lives up to its name, as many people staying in Las Palmas tend to walk by Sobmras without even noticing it. The only thing you really see from the road is the main gate is belies the beauty found inside.

This special community was uniquely designed by the famous architect, Ronald Zurcher. Each luxury 2-3 bedroom condominium, has its own private terrace or balcony which generally overlooks the pool. The common area also includes a wet bar and an outdoor BBQ area.

The high-end finishes and 24/7 security along with its close proximity to the beach (150 m) and downtown Coco (600 m) make it easy to live here without the need for a vehicle.

Las Palmas

While not as fancy as those listed above or even gated, Las Palmas is still one the largest residential communities in the Papagayos, let alone Playas del Coco. Buyers and renters alike flock here due to its budget-friendly pricing where a studio can purchase for as little as $50K with HOA fees as low as $100 per month.

The sheer number of buying choices in Las Palmas is incredible. as the community consists of 1000+ units located in over 50 unique developments. With exotic names like Flor de Limon, Garza Real, Las Begonia, Flamenco Rosa, and Las Bromelias, you can rest assured that colorful tropical foliage comes standard throughout.

Development names like Jade Beach, Aquamarine, and Sea Bird provide hints of all the pools found in Las Palmas which are also are standard features. At the main entrance, you’ll also conveniently find two plazas that house numerous restaurants, cafes, and a small grocery store.

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