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Pacifico Resort Community in Playas del Coco

Close your eyes and picture living in a garden paradise with numerous resort-style pools, and tennis/pickleball courts. Then add in the peacefulness of living in a gated community with 24/7 security that is right in the middle of a quaint beach town.

Even in the high season, when life is bustling outside of Pacifico’s main gate, you can sit on your ocean-view balcony and be completely unaware. Your world is simply what you see around you, and it’s all beautiful.

Not only will be you surrounded by a lush-green wonderland, whenever you need to leave, but there’s also a boutique mall with upscale restaurants, and an American-style grocery store waiting for you just outside the front gate.


What makes living in Pacifico special are the resort-style amenities. You will truly feel you are in an exotic place where only a select few are allowed to enter.  Gorgeous pools can be seen in front of every condo building in Pacifico, while many homes have ones with unique designs.

Being a gated community with 24/7 security also provides a sense of tranquility that when combined with access to sports areas, tennis courts and more gives it a true resort-style feel.

Resort Style Pools

If you see a photo gallery from any condo in Pacifico, there will always be pool shots displayed prominently within. The shapes, the curves, the water fountains surrounded by palm trees scream out luxury and will make you feel like you’re staying at a world-class resort.

Gated Community

One of the most well-loved amenities in Pacifico is that it is a gated and guarded community.  Anyone who enters has come to the main gate, which is well set back from the main road.  To pass through, they have to show they belong here, and no one is allowed in who can’t prove it.

For Pacifico owners, you simply need to display your pass as your drive up and the gate will be opened for you.

Mediterranean Design

The condos within Pacifico were designed in a Mediterranean style and were built to be both spacious and private. Clear views of the pools can be seen out of each window, but mature plantings on the edges block out views of your neighbors.

Large Units

You also won’t find any cramped studios or one-bedroom condos in Pacifico. The minimum unit size is over 1,162 square feet, but most are at least 1,321, while larger can reach 1,722 square feet.

You’ll also find they contain at least two bedrooms, two baths, while larger condos have up to four each.

High-End Finishes

The large kitchens have convenient islands and stainless steel appliances, while high-end tiling, finishes, and high ceilings come standard too.


All Pacifico units are pre-wired for phone, cable, and Internet access, which makes for such an easy transition.

Paved Access Roads

The paved road inside makes navigating the community easily whether by car, bike, or foot. Many people even rollerblade here, as the pavement in Pacifico is the smoothest you’ll find in all of Coco.

24/7 Security

Even though the community is set apart from Coco as a whole with no way to access it other than through the front gate, you’ll see roving security patrols day and night. Pacifico takes the security of its residents very seriously and there is no other place in Coco that will make you feel this safe.

HOA Fees

Unfortunately, due to its resort-style nature, Pacifico has by far, some of the highest Home Owner Association fees in all of Coco. Where a typical condo in Las Palmas can have HOA fees of around $200, those in Pacifico start close at $600+ and cap out around $800 per month.

Do note that you get some decent perks here, as their pools are some the nicest in Guanacaste, and their private, members-only beach club is divine. Then when you add in the tennis courts, and the huge gated community that you can safely walk/jog at night, you can start to understand why the HOA fees are so high. Below are some typical example fees.

BuildingBedroomsSquare FeetHOA Fees
Pacifico L11,321$633
Pacifico L21,321$657
Pacifico C21,651$745
Pacifico C31,651$785
HOA Fees for Pacifico Condos