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Playas del Coco Things to Do

With Playas del Coco once being a sleep fishing village, you’ll find boat tours to be the common thing to do for tourists. Whether it be sport fishing, scuba diving, a beach boat tour, or a sunset booze cruise, sooner or later you’re bound to head out on the Papagayo Gulf for some fun in the sun.

Sport Fishing Tours

Playa del Coco is best known for its excellent sport fishing with over 40 world fishing records being set from catches on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast. The fishing in and around Playas del Coco is excellent with September through March providing a never-ending supply of dorados, sailfish, and marlins.

Dive the Catalina Islands

For those looking for a big adventure, many boats leave Coco for the famous Catalina Islands (The Cats), which is a diver and animal lovers’ delight. While you can scuba year-round in Guanacaste, the best visibility is between September and March.

During this period you can encounter spinner dolphins, humpback whales, pilot whales, killer whales, whale sharks, and tiger sharks. Another top attraction is the rays, of which there are many to see, from giant manta rays to devil manta rays, bat rays, stingrays, spotted eagle rays, bullseye electric rays, and cow-nosed rays.

Dive the Pelonas Islands

The Pelonas Islands are located just down the coast from Playas del Coco and are a popular spot with the local dive shops. Some of the dive sites here include Tortuga, Virador, and the Palmares Wall where you can see turtles, rays, groupers, and possibly some sharks too. Since this a quick boat ride, you easily do it at different times throughout the day.

Snorkeling Tours

For those who’d rather stay above the surface, there are many rock formations just off the coast in the Papagayo Gulf that offers a decent undersea viewing along with a few ocean caves.

Diamante Eco Adventure Park

Located near the Hotel Rui Guanacaste, the Diamante Eco Adventure Park caters to resort tourists looking for an all-day adventure. Whether you come for the superman zipline, horseback riding, or an ATV tour, you also be tempted to check out the animal sanctuary or take a Costa Rica cultural experience tour. If you’re looking for a full day’s worth of activities, you can easily find it here in one place.

The Congo Trail

Before Diamante was built, The Congo Trail was the only zipline available near Playas del Coco. They’ve since expanded to include a waterfall ATV tour, and horseback riding. If you’re looking for a less touristy, and more authentic canopy experience, this is an option worth looking into.

The Monkey Farm

An eco-friendly farm near Ocotal beach that offers tours on self-sustainable living with an assortment of cute little goats and pigs. Horseback riding along the beach is also an option, but do note that the monkeys are wild and simply visit the property on their own schedule rather than being an attraction.

Go Shopping

Artesian and souvenir shops line the main street of Coco close to the boardwalk by the beach. Here you find a host of handmade wood-carved sculptures, trinkets, jewelry, handbags, clothes, and hammocks. Pura Vida signs, traditional coffee makers, and a plethora of animal statues are general tourist fare, but Sussy Souvenirs has some more unique items.

At the Pacifico Mall, you’ll find the Auto Mercado, which has the best supermarket selection in and around Papagayo Gulf.  You’ll find an Arenas Surf & Skate shop if you looking for some decent beachwear. Perla’s Beach Fashion on the main strip is also worth a look.

Coco Beach

The sand of Playa del Coco is s darker gray rather than golden, but with Playa del Coco being a 4km stretch of beach, you won’t have any trouble finding a place to relax the day away. You can swim and sunbathe, as well as even do a little offshore fishing here, but the waves in this sheltered bay are not big enough to surf.