Fun Playas del Coco Activities: Explore the Ocean & Inland

From sportfishing and diving to ziplining, golfing, hiking, and biking, you can be active as you want in the wide-open spaces around Coco.


You’ll never run out of fun ways to get some exercise, and stay fit.


When the great outdoors beckons, the nearby national parks, long beaches, and hilly peninsulas in and around Coco are some of the best that Costa Rica has to offer.


The entire Northern Guanacaste is considered a walker’s paradise. You have a mixture of landscapes and hiking difficulties all over: in the Santa Rosa National Park, Guanacaste National Park, Barra Honda National Park, and Rincon de la Vieja National Park.

A great number of amazing trails await you here, and you can cover one at a time during just one day trip. These hiking trails are considered the most beautiful ones in Costa Rica.

You can also take long walks on the beaches of Coco, directly on the sand, or on the pedestrian alleys surrounding the town.

Horseback Riding

Romantic or adventurous horseback rides are available from several points in Coco. You can take tours that lead you near waterfalls, lonely beaches, and oases. You can rent horses either hourly or for an entire day or half a day.

Mountain Biking

Going biking on the wild trails just outside of Coco Beach will give you the chance to enjoy a quiet tour away from the town noises. You can simply listen to nature and enjoy the views as you make your way to Playa Penca or through the hilltops of Coco.


There are numerous boat tours that leave directly from Coco Beach that include a wide variety of different activities in the great big blue.


With a central location between the Catalinas and Bat Islands, and the fact that many dive boats leave from here is why there are many popular dive tours in Playas del Coco.  There are also many local dive sites here with 20+ to choose from that are just a short boat ride away.

The top local dive companies like Rocket FrogRich CoastSummer-Salt, and Deep Blue have offices here in town which makes everything very convenient.

Diving here is best during high-season (late November through April) when the sun is forever shining and visibility is at its best. The  local marine life includes species such as whalesdolphinssharksturtlesrays, and seahorses.

Sunset Viewing

You can enjoy boat rides and exclusive dinners aboard a sailboat in the middle of Pacific waters, at the same time being enchanted by the symphony of sunset colors.


You will never get tired of fishing along Playas del Coco coast. Either renting a boat for half a day or for an entire week, the catch never ends, in calm waters or in agitated ones. You can rent from Coco specialized providers full equipment either for common fishing or for fly fishing.


Several boat rides go from Playas del Coco and take you along the nearby islands to see the whales, dolphins, and turtles. Some tours also anchor in the middle of the ocean so you can swim, do snorkeling or rest on remote beaches.


The Northern Guanacaste has numerous beaches which are perfect for surf. You can rent a board or even take surf lessons either for beginners or for advanced surfers. You can go on tours at Ollie’s Point, Portero Grande, Witch’s Rock.


There are dedicated boat tours that take you on snorkeling adventures for a whole day or half a day, near the nearby islands, and among colorful coral reefs. The equipment for snorkeling cost you only around $15 per day. The best snorkeling spots are in the south of Playas del Coco close to Ocotal.

Since you don’t have access to these places by road, the only way is to rent a boat, or a surf tour from Playa del Coco, Playa Naranjo, or Playa Ocotal

Banana Boating

If you are into wet, splashing fun along with your entire family, you can take a ride on a banana boat. You can spend an entire morning or afternoon on such a ride without getting tired. The tours take on from four to ten people. You can embark on a banana from the main beach in Playas del Coco.


The further you trek inland, away from the beach, the wildlife and fauna become immensely more diverse and colorful.

ATV Riding

If you’re looking to place yourself behind the wheel of fun then you’ll be happy to know that one of the most popular attractions in Playas del Coco is racing ATVs all along the Northern Guanacaste region. You can speed amongst rocky lands or sugar cane crops, on the coast. Such a tour usually takes from two and a half hours to four hours and a local guide will most likely accompany you. At the same time, you have the chance to admire the local fauna and flora, from exotic birds and butterflies to the famous howler monkeys.

River Boating

While you’ll have to go inland to find them, the riverboats on the Tempisque River or the Palo Verde canals allow you to and enjoy the natural beauty, the exotic birds, American crocodiles, monkeys, and numerous other wild species.

Bird & Wildlife Watching

The amount of wildlife in Coco might surprise you, but it’s nothing compared to the nearby national parks and reserves

Palo Verde

Whenever you want to dive deeper into the Costa Rican forests, you can head over to the Palo Verde National Park.

This famous national reserve includes 15 different habitats with no less than 300 bird species and over 145 different mammals.

Lomas de Barbudal

Very close, and just towards the north of Palo Verde, you also have Lomas de Barbudal Biological Reserve which is the home of 25% of the world’s bee species. No less than 250 different ones.

You have the chance to see some endangered tree species, as well. If you go by night you are in for an amazing show. The reserve hosts around 60 nocturnal butterfly species and several protected vegetation and rare animals.

Water Sports

If you’re feeling active, but want to be able to easily cool off at the same time, then you’ll want to know about all the water sports you can do in Playas del Coco.


For the adrenaline lovers, there is a parasailing service ready to take you over the Pacific Ocean. These rides start from Playa Hermosa and Playa Panama, just a few miles north of Coco.

Jet Skiing

You can rent ski jets all along the Northern Guanacaste coastal line. Usually, you can rent one for two to three hours.


There are few sports you can play here, but most people who stay in the Papagayos come to play golf.


What do you think about playing golf and at the same time savoring the amazing ocean view? All of that is a reality on the golf courses at the upscale hotels and dedicated golf clubs that are within easy reach for those staying in Playas del Coco.


Once a sleepy fishing village that turned into Tico Party Central, the Playas del Coco nightlife of today is now somewhere in the middle. Most of yesteryear’s venues like Zi Lounge, Bambu, and Coconutz are still around, while others like Lizard Lounge, Coco Bongo, and La Vida Loca are but memories.

With Coco being within easy reach of nearby all-inclusive resorts, and thousands of condo rental properties, you’ll generally find different crowds appear throughout the day to enjoy happy hour pricing.  A few new additions like the Zarpe (a great cocktail bar), The Garden Bar, and The Lookout (popular for sunsets) offer unique experiences that were not available in Coco previously.

The casinos are also recently up and running again after being shut down through the covid lockdown. For those looking for some slot games, blackjack tables, or to play in a local poker tournament, there’s the El Coco Casino and La Flor de Itabo Casino.

Theme Nights

It will still be a couple of months before you see any major events in Playas del Coco, but theme nights seem to be quite popular here. At certain bars, you’ll find live music and special nights for bingo, trivia, beer pong, and pool tournaments.


If you find yourself looking for something to do indoors, or simply prefer to work out in a group setting, you’ll find numerous options in Coco to stay fit in Coco.

Working Out

When it comes time to lift some weights or do some cross-training, aerobics, and cardio, there are 7 different gym and fitness centers to choose from.

No matter where you stay in Coco, there’s somewhere to work out nearby. At the entrance to Coco, there’s Ultrafit and then Go Fitness. As move towards the center of town, there’s Longev and The Gym.  If you’re closer to the beach, there’s the Coco Gym in Las Palmas and Bulldog Fitness near the Ocotal entrance gate.

Should be staying in Coco Bay Estates, there’s no reason to leave, as the fitness center at the Coco Bay Club is excellent. While not a gym, they do currently also have an Aquafit class in the pool at The Palms hotel.

Yoga Sessions

Our relaxing beach community tends to attract a steady stream of yoga instructors. The better the weather gets, the more studios and private lessons you’ll have to choose from. If you’re staying at one of the popular all-inclusive resorts in the Papagayos, you’re also likely to see one or more yoga sessions on the entertainment menu.


Obviously, when things get back to normal here, the local bars and hotspots are a great place to dance the night away. Should find yourself wanting to dance all day long, there’s are some options for you.

Coco Barre has some fitness classes that are inspired by ballet, pilates, yoga, and strength training, while Zumba classes at the Communal Hall are quite inexpensive.

For kids, there are the Little Stars classes at Longev Fitness, along with those found at Caracol Brisse.


Sometimes the best activities are the ones that take the least amount of effort and allow you to feel pampered and refreshed.

Day Spas

On the more relaxing side of life, you can simply pamper yourself by making a whole day appointment at the spa. From deep lymphatic massages to regenerative mud face masks, you will simply feel like a newborn. You will usually find such luxurious services at the best all-inclusive resorts in the Papagayos, as well as, the nearby volcanic mud spas.