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Playas del Coco Pharmacies & Pharmacists with Map

There are four farmacias (pharmacies ) in Coco that carryover-the-counter prescriptions that only require a quick pharmacist consultation.

What You Can Buy

Many of the drugs sold in local pharmacies are generic brands, with generally only antibiotics and narcotics requiring a doctor’s prescription. Others like birth control, viagra, and even some injections are readily available to purchase.

The prescription prices are also significantly less expensive than in North America, and discounts are at times offered for returning the original box. You can also buy a small number of pills, rather than a whole bottle or box, which is incredibly convenient.

Do note that pill prices can vary from pharmacy to pharmacy so, at times, it does pay to shop around.

Pharmacist Consults

If you simply describe your symptoms to a pharmacist here in Coco, they can generally prescribe a treatment, and a lot of times, it won’t require a doctor’s prescription either.

So don’t be shy, just walk in and talk to a pharmacist directly to see if you can get some over-the-counter and save yourself the hassle of paying for a doctor appointment.

Coco Pharmacies

Below we offer our top selections for pharmacies in Playas del Coco and what specialties they offer.


For being right in the center of all the restaurants and bars, and located across the street from Coconutz, Aloe is a little hidden gem. If you don’t go inside you wouldn’t notice that they have a great selection and very good prices.

You can also find a decent amount of bandages here, as well cotton swabs, which can be hard to find elsewhere at times in Coco.


Located right beside Auto Mercado, Fischel is probably the most well-known pharmacy in Coco, but can also be one of the most expensive.

Inside you’ll find an excellent selection of high-quality facial care products and numerous meal replacement products. You can buy some sunglasses and sunhats here.

Farmacia Azul

Another convenient option since located near Mega Super with prescriptions prices being a little cheaper here too. They do stock a decent amount of Alfa vitamins, but there’s not much else of note on their shelves.

Farmacia EliMar

If you’re staying in or near Las Palmas, this is the closest pharmacy available. There’s not much shelf stock here for non-prescription items. They do stock what you might need in a minor-medical pinch though and if you’re on foot, they should be your first stop.


Below you’ll find a map of pharmacies and pharmacists in Playas del Coco, along with their neighboring grocery chain stores, supermarkets, and electronic stores.