Fast Food & Cheap Places to Eat in Playas del Coco

Locals love their cheap eats here in Coco Beach, with typical Costa Rica food, burgers, tacos, fried chicken, pizza, and Indian on the menu. Most of these budget-friendly restaurants and fast food joints can be found on the main road in downtown Coco.

What to Expect

While there is an international airport close by, Playas del Coco, Costa Rica, is not a place where you’ll find world-class food. Some are fine dining restaurants, such as Villa Italia or Che Sirloin, but even the more upscale Coco Bay Estates and the meals Chef Nicolas Devenelle prepares at the Numu Taproom and Bistro near Pacifico will never be considered for the Michelin Guide. What you can find here, however, are some cheap eats

Soda Oasis

Soda Oasis Burgers
Soda Oasis Burgers

A small burger joint with 100% certified Angus beef located right in the heart of the Las Palmas Condo Community next to Coldwell Banker. While it’s usually only open business on Thursday, you won’t find a better burger. Their menu consists of a wide selection of burgers to choose from, each having a different theme, like the El Diablo (spicy), or El Gringo (tasty). Each option has so many different toppings they practically double the size of the burger.

They also come on the softest buns in town and are truly a treat down to the very last bite. You’ll also find some gourmet hotdogs here, along with veggie burgers and dogs. Prices start around 3500 colones ($6.50) for burgers and 4,000 CRC ($7.50) adding fries. You can also order on WhatsApp, as well as get in-town delivery.


As also being conveniently close the the souvenir shops and nightlife in Playa del Coco, Masla is the perfect place for Indian cuisine. The delicious food and traditional plates make this restaurant authentic. The butter chicken, korma, tikki masala, and vindaloo are exquisite. They also have many more items like rice and pad thai that come in huge portions.

There is a lunch special every day until 4 pm though you have to specifically ask for the lunch menu. Different types of curries are on special where the choice of meat determines the price, for example, butter chicken is $7 but if you get beef instead, the price is $8.50. The portions are a little smaller than dinner but you get rice or naan bread with it.

The dinner menu has plenty to choose from. Prices range from around $8 to $20 depending on what you order and they come in big portions. Unlike the lunch menu, the rice or naan has to be ordered separately.

Hours: 11:30 am to 10 pm every day

Soda Teresita

Further down the main street in downtown Coco, and right on the beachfront is Soda Teresita. “Sodas” are cheap local restaurants that offer typical Costa Rican food. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The most traditional food is the casado which is a choice of meat or fish with rice, beans, salad, and plantain. It is around 3800 colones (approx. $7). They have other items to choose from such as rice dishes, sandwiches, hamburgers, fried chicken, and fresh seafood. Prices are around $10, whereas seafood such as lobster is more expensive.

Hours: 6:30 a.m. to 10 pm every day

Soda Mar y Tierra

One of the budget-friendly restaurants in Playas del Coco is situated on a side street off the main road close to Agua de Lechuga. Soda Mar Y Tierra serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They have choices of a traditional breakfast, American breakfast, french toast, and other options, coffee or juice included for around 3500 CRC ($6.500. For lunch/dinner, they have many options, including the casado, burgers, rice dishes, fried red snapper, or catch of the day, which range from 3800 ($7)to 9000 colones ($17). There are specials like lobster dishes that are more costly ranging from 15000 ($28) to 20000 colones ($38).

Hours: Monday – closed, Tuesday to Saturday – 7 am to 9 pm, Sunday – 7 am to 4 pm

Tortuga Bar

A popular beachfront restaurant where lots of locals go to watch Pacific Ocean sunsets. This is one of the hot spots on Coco Beach where you can get cheap food and drinks. They have pizza, snacks, and meat which will run from 3500 ($6.50) to 8000 colones ($15). While seafood such as ceviche, shrimp, or fish range from 4500 ($8.50) to 10000 ($19) colones. Lobster or surf and turf dishes are the most pricy at around 14000 colones ($26). It is a casual environment to sit and relax with friends to watch the sunset and have the national Costa Rican chiliguaro shot which is one of the favorite things to drink.

Hours: 10 am to 11 pm every day

Zi Lounge

Right on the main street of Playas del Coco, Zi Lounge is perfect for tourists as it is a mix of a restaurant, bar, lounge, and dance club. Most nights you will find live music from 6 pm to 9 pm, so it’s not really for kids. They offer happy hour drinks every day from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. On Thursdays, it is Ladies’ Night where ladies get to drink for free from 9 pm to 11 pm. Thursday to Sunday from 10:30 pm to 2 pm there is a DJ and dancing.

There is an array of food to choose from that is reasonably priced. There is fresh seafood, one of the best places for pizza in town, salad, wings, and much more. While they advertise it, they have a special for 1/2 price off the 2nd order at the Zi Pizzeria (ask for Mitad de precio en la segunda pizza). For events such as St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, and even on July 4th, and Canada Day they come out with special food and drinks menus. Usually, on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday they have a rib special for a half rack of ribs with coleslaw, mashed potatoes, and corn for 7000 colones ($13).

Hours: 11 am to 12 pm every day


The restaurant in Hotel M&M is a great breakfast place. It is located across the beach so you can have ocean views while eating and enjoying a cup of coffee. Their breakfast is only around 3000 ($6) to 4500 colones ($8.50) and comes with coffee or fresh juice. For 4500 CRC you can also order the Arenal Breakfast which is two eggs, bacon, a choice of plain, chocolate, or banana pancakes, and fruit. They have their well-known Rambutan Breakfast which is two sausages, two pieces of bacon, two eggs, and two hashbrowns for 4500 colones ($8.50). As this is only a breakfast place they are open early.

Hours: Daily from 7 a.m. to noonish.

Taste of Texas

Another great place in town that locals also go to. It is right on the main street located across from one of the dive shops. They are open year-round in the early morning for breakfast and late at night to eat some snacks. The breakfast is cheap for 3500 colones ($6.50) you get the classical breakfast, which comes with eggs, rice and beans, sausage, plantains, and coffee. For 4000 CRC ($7.50) you can get the American breakfast which is eggs, toast, bacon, and coffee. Indulge your taste buds for lunch or dinner with ribs, wings, and burgers like the Hawaiian, they even have a Vegetarian/Vegan burger. They have seafood as well all for a reasonable price.

Sabor a Mexico

This is a little casual Mexican restaurant in the Las Palmas area. There’s a lot of great food to choose from like the burrito that can be split between two people as it is so large. They offer high-quality desserts, such as passionfruit cheesecake and tiramisu. As it is a little further from the center of town the prices are a bit cheaper than El Capricho which is the main Mexican restaurant in El Coco.

  • Hours: Monday 10 am to 10 pm, Tuesday – Friday 9 am to 10 pm, Saturday and Sunday 11 am to 10 pm

Jannett’s Grill

The name says it all, as it’s just an older lady with a grill parked on the corner where the main road splits near the beach. Here you can quickly get grilled chicken or pork souvlaki (meat on a stick) for ₡1,000 ($2). There’s also another lady with a similar grill on the beach boardwalk to the left, who sometimes has steak souvlaki as well.

Fast Food

Here are some other options to get a decent price meal. Typical fare here includes tacos, fried chicken, pizza, sandwiches, wraps, pancakes, and burgers.


Below you’ll find a map of all the fast-food places in Playas del Coco, along with nearby fine-dining restaurants, bars & grills, cafes, bakeries, and ice cream parlors.