Trinidad Travel Guide

We stayed in Trinidad for 5 days and packed in everything we could from horse riding, waterfalls, beaches, cobblestone streets & very old buildings. Here’s our complete guide to the town including things to do in Trinidad, where to eat, where to stay, how to get there, is there WiFi and a map of Trinidad.

When planning your holiday to Cuba make sure you add a few nights in Trinidad, it’s a must and only 365k from Havana or less if you fly in from Varadero.

Trinidad is Cuba’s best preserved colonial town, with the old part of Trinidad being a UNESCO heritage site. The town dates back to 1514. Trinidad, like most old towns is gorgeous, with brightly coloured houses, shops, restaurants and cute cobblestone streets.

We found it really easy to get around Trinidad, you can walk everywhere it’s that small. In the center of town is Plaza Mayor surrounded by lovely old buildings excellently preserved. Next to the plaza are “The Steps”, you can’t miss this beautiful big staircase leading up to the Casa de la Musica which you’ll find lots of outdoor seating and a band playing most of the day.

The only thing we didn’t really like about Trinidad was it’s so touristy and everyone seems out to get a piece of you which ever way they can, which is disappointing.

Where is Trinidad?

Trinidad is approximately 325km from Havana and 260km from Varadero. The road was pretty good, with most of it being on the 3 lane highway. Considering this is a major highway there was very little traffic on it. Watch out for the potholes though. We got to travel at around 85k’s.

How to Get to There

By Bus

From Havana to Trinidad

$25 USD — 7:00, 10:45 arriving 1.25pm and 4.50pm

From Vinales to Trinidad

$37USD — 6:45 arriving 2.15pm

From Varadero to Trinidad

$20USD — 7:25 arriving 1.45pm

There is only one bus company you can use to get you to Trinidad, which is called Viazul. The bus station in Havana is not very convenient and will cost in a taxi ride to get to it, but it’s your cheapest mode of transport unless you’re travelling in a group.

Book and pay for your tickets at least a few days in advance online at or go to the bus terminal to book. Arrive 30mins before your bus departs. All Viazul buses are modern and air conditioned.

By Car

We rented a car and drove ourselves to Trinidad from Cienfuegos, which is a great option at only $60 CUC per day including full insurance. There were so many things to do in Trinidad we wanted the freedom of having a car.

Driving Tips

Install the app MAPS. ME before you leave home and download the map of Cuba. Once in Cuba make sure your location GPS is always turned on and you’ll get fantastic directions using this map. It even works with voice directions. This map works perfectly offline.


In the middle of town where “The Steps” are located you’ll see people sitting in the shade connected to the WiFi. Also the Parque Cespedes, opposite the Iberostar Hotel (inside the Iberostar also had good WiFi), is a great WiFi hotspot.

Best Time to Visit

We were in Trinidad Oct 2017 and the weather was pretty good. However it was rainy season and we did get some rain for a bit most evenings, then a big downpour on our last day. Even though it’s still low season, Trinidad was busy with a lot of tourists.

Where to Stay

Casa Particulars

Casas rentals line the streets in Trinidad. You won’t have trouble finding somewhere to stay so long as you book before you arrive. Trinidad is really busy all year round. Here is our review of Casa Urula Chango.


There are a few hotels in Trinidad with the Hotel Iberostar supposed to be the best. We went in for a look, it was very nice, however not everything is available on their menu in the restaurant. All the hotels are owned and run by the government. They are all self star rated, to get the true rating always knock off at least one of the stars.

Where to Eat

There are a ton of restaurants in Trinidad, however most sell the same thing on their menus and very average. Good thing we found the best restaurants in town.

Best Things to See and Do

Here is our pick of the top best things to do in Trinidad to make your holiday there special. We’ve personally visited each of these activities and taken all the photos and video. You’ll find a full page on each excursion, just click on the heading to find out more information on what to do in Trinidad or click on one of the photos below to go directly to the page.

Historical Museum

Historical Museum in Trinidad, Cuba

Playa Ancon Beach

Playa Ancon in Trinidad, Cuba

Horse Riding Tour

Horse Riding Tour in Trinidad, Cuba

Radio Tower Walk

Radio Tower Walk in Trinidad, Cuba

Cave Disco

Cave Disco Ayala in Trinidad, Cuba

Casa Orula Chango

Casa Orula Chango in Trinidad, Cuba

Adita Restaurant

Adita Restaurant in Trinidad, Cuba

La Redaccion Restaurant

La Redaccion Restaurant in Trinidad, Cuba

San Jose Restaurant

San Jose Restaurant in Trinidad, Cuba