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Things to Do in Trinidad

Things to do in Trinidad from horse riding, waterfalls, cobblestone streets, beaches and stunning old buildings everywhere. Here is our guide to the best things to do on your stay in Trinidad.

When planning your holiday to Cuba make sure you add a few nights in Trinidad, it’s a must and only 365k from Havana or less if you fly in from Varadero.

Trinidad is Cuba’s best preserved colonial town, with the old part of Trinidad being a UNESCO heritage site. The town dates back to 1514. Trinidad, like most old towns is gorgeous, with brightly coloured houses, shops, restaurants and cute cobblestone streets.

We found it really easy to get around Trinidad, you can walk everywhere it’s that small. In the center of town is Plaza Mayor surrounded by lovely old buildings excellently preserved.

Next to the plaza are “The Steps”, you can’t miss this beautiful big staircase leading up to the Casa de la Musica which you’ll find lots of outdoor seating and a band playing most of the day. The only thing we didn’t really like about Trinidad was it’s so touristy and everyone seems out to get a piece of you which ever way they can, which is disappointing.

Historical Museum

Historical Museum in Trinidad, Cuba

Playa Ancon Beach

Playa Ancon in Trinidad, Cuba

Horse Riding Tour

Horse Riding Tour in Trinidad, Cuba

Radio Tower Walk

Radio Tower Walk in Trinidad, Cuba

Cave Disco

Cave Disco Ayala in Trinidad, Cuba