Varadero Beach Bus Tour

The open-top, double-decker Varadero Beach Bus will guide you around town for just $5 CUC per day. You can hop on and off at any of the popular stops on the bus tour with buses running every 30 minutes.


You can start at any of the many stops which are mostly right outside your hotel. The bus is really easy to find, you can’t miss it, just wait on the road side from your hotel and it’ll stop It will even wait for you if it sees you coming!

We got off at the Marina right at the tip of Varadero, there are a few shops plus a lot of restaurants, apartments and hotels. It was pretty quiet during the day, might liven up a lot at night I think. They had the best supermarket we’ve seen so far in Cuba here. Day trips to the islands leave from here too.


The tour takes around 1 hour 45mins and although the circuit doesn’t appear to be exactly the same every single time it’s still a great trip. The bus tour continually circulates past all the big hotels and resorts plus the Marina and Varadero town, it’s super convenient and surprisingly good value at only $5 CUC each.


Buses run every 30mins.


  • Once you have bought your ticket on the bus this allows you a full day pass to get on and off at any of the bus stops along the way.
  • Sit on the top for the best views, however its really hot in the sun.

Our Opinion

For only CUC $5 it’s great value, and the cheapest way to self-guide your way through Varadero‘s more touristy sites.