Amorgos, which lies to the south-east of Naxos, is one of the prettiest islands in the Aegean. It has a population of 2,000, and is notable for its very marked Cycladic architecture.

There are lots of things to see a Venetian castle, for instance, and the famous Convent of the Presentation of the Virgin, or Chozoviotissa, dating from Byzantine times. It contains a miraculous icon. Landings are made at Katapola, and the island’s capital lies on a hill above, accessible by track. The remains of ancient Minoa may be seen near Katapola. Aigiali, second port of the island, has an acropolis which protected the ancient harbour, and the remains of a temple of Athena built into a church.


There are also a number of small islands which lie between Naxos, los and Amorgos. Donousa has four settlements, and significant remains from the geometric period in the Cyclades have been found there. Koufonisia (consisting of Pano Koufonisi and Kato Koufonisi) have ancient and Byzantine remains, while Herakleia was actually quite well known in ancient times. There is also a cave with rather impressive stalactites, and Herakleia is one of the larger of these islands. Schoinousa has 200 inhabitants and a few ancient ruins to show. Karos, however, is inhabited only by sheep and their shepherds.


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