Anafi is the last of the SouthWest Cyclades. It has only 400 inhabitants and nearly as many churches. There is also a castle, and a monastery built on the site of a temple of Apollo.

On the nearest island of Santorini (Thira), Anafi located on the southeast edge of the Cyclades. It belongs to the prefecture of Cyclades and especially in the province of Thera. Has an area of ??38.4 square kilometers, 32.4 kilometers of coastline and a maximum height of 579 meters (Mount Vigla). The island’s distance from Piraeus is 155 nautical miles.

The island is slowly taking its place in the tourist ‘scene’. Today, they are able to provide all necessary services to the traveler who does not come in as someone Anafi any tourist, but usually bears all the characteristics of the old periigigi. Browser a virgin and eerie place, he is discovered by constantly scanning the land and sea.


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