The Majestic Windmills of Mykonos: Historical Attraction

One the most readily distinct features about Mykonos are the windmills scattered about the island’s landscape. Renowned for their stark white color, spherical shapes, and pointy roofs, each windmill is steeped in character.

While no windmills remain active today, they were earnestly used to grind agriculture grains in the 1500-1800s. Several are grouped near and in the town of Chora, all facing north. This is due to the strong northern winds that whip across the island.

Like other historical buildings in Mykonos, many have been refurbished and restored to preserve their beauty. Numerous windmills have also been repurposed as homes for locals, hotels for tourists and to vaults storing Mykonian heritage documents.

If you’re looking for a unique cultural experience when visiting, seeing the windmills of Mykonos is a prerequisite. For those looking for the perfect photo, the famous Kato Mili stands like a majestic king overlooking the sea beyond his fiefdom.


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