Mirsini Beach – A Mykonos Adventure

This is one of the most secret beaches on the whole island. There are no open or paved roads that lead to this beach, but somehow, the one who want seclusion, you will make the effort. When you finally get there, you will found out why it was worth your trip.

Dirt road, where some kind of vehicle can come near, but the rest of the dirt road you will have to walk down to get to it. It’s so secluded that you need to bring everything you can be in need for a whole day, water, food, and something to lay on.

We almost didn’t found the map that will lead to it, but we did, just so you can have a great choice when looking for something this rare. These years it become a bit more popular, about still most days, you won’t find a soul there.

No one is willing to go trough the day without electricity, Wi-Fi, or other commodities that this world made us dependent on. You’ll be happy if you have even cell range so far from modern world.


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