Elia Beach – A Mykonos Adventure

Here we have two beaches gathered together to form a large sandy beach. Clean as one can be, having in mind that it’s one of the largest on the island. A little boat, like a taxi on water, gets here as the last stop on his way around the island.

Even though this is a nudist beach, unlike many other beaches, you’ll find peace and quiet, everything is always arranged to your convenience, and if not, someone is always there to help you with whatever you may need.

Along the whole beach, you have a lot of places where you can refresh, have a decent meal, join one of the water sports, or learn how to parasail or even windsurfing. This place has it all that one decent beach should have, and to top it all, there will always be a place for you, no matter the time you chose to go there.

If you’re having a hangover from the night before, this is just a place for you.


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