Kalafatis Beach – A Mykonos Adventure

If you decide to go to this beach, you’ll find yourself stunned by the low prices, great sandy beach, which stretches a bit longer than your usual beach. Here, like time had stopped, when you get to this beach, you’ll be amazed that nothing on it look’s even remotely on Mykonos.

So, if you are full of noise, and want to be with your thoughts, you picked the right place. It would seem that everywhere you look you can find a great place to rest. If known for something particular, this beach will offer you Jet Ski, Banana, Water Ski, Extreme Tubes, and wakeboard.

Like Paradise beach, this is one of the first discovered and quickly established beaches on the island, with lot villa’s surrounding it. Even though a bit rough around the edges, you’ll have the time of your life on this beach. Enjoy!


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