Ftelia Beach – A Mykonos Adventure

This beach is settled on the north side of the island, and strong winds that are making big waves the biggest in Mykonos. For that particular reason, this beach is most famous between windsurfers.

The road that leads to it is partly covered with asphalt, but to get to the beach, you’ll have to walk a bit, because it’s not suitable for any kind of transportation. There are not many people, even though is near other crowded beaches, and it’s near Chora, so you can walk into this beach from the others that surround this one.

It may become more popular, it’s like that with all the other beaches on the island, but for now, this beach is pretty quiet and close to everything that is needed for a day on the beach.

But as for the windsurfers go, this part of the island is always windy, and if you go there, keep on mind that they will be there if you want to join them.


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