Agios Sostis Beach – A Mykonos Adventure

This beach is for those with adventurous spirit, strength, and are not afraid of a lot of sun. If you are up for a longer walk, and no shade near in sight, bring your basics with you because all around you will be sand. Water for sure, coffee maybe, and if there, just for catching a bit more sun than other, bring something to eat, too.

If you want to eat at some place there is a lovely little place called Kiki’s Tavern. This amazing place doesn’t even have electricity, and everything there is made in coal pit, or being grilled. Get a great bronze color, far away from loud, noisy world, eat healthy, and enjoy your stay at this beach.

Kiki’s tavern proud themselves by doing everything without electricity, try and find out what world would be like if you have ‘only’ sun&fun to enjoy this blissfulness on earth.


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