Skopelos Beach – A Mykonos Adventure

Here we have to tell you first and the most important thing about this beach, it is on another island, and although you can get there by plane, you can not wander around where ever you want, because the little boat that doesn’t reach this island.

You can have alternative ways of getting there, but I think that it would be too much, spending your precious free days in travel. This island is great for couples, who need every minute of their free time to spend with each other.

You will get more sleep than you ever did, as well as peace and quiet, and it will be a holiday to remember. If you chose this island, don’t waste your time trying to find old ruins, if you are on holiday, you should spend it the best way you can, and that is, laying on the fine sand, looking and swimming in the clearest water you have ever seen!


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