Korfos Beach – A Mykonos Adventure

Here we have another windy beach, and this one is not that suitable for swimming at all. On the best day, when the wind is strongest, you’ll find a lot of surfers here, because, it’s well known that on this beach, wind makes the largest waves.

So, if you are a fan of swimming or being in water the whole day, this beach will be the wrong one. At the least, it has pebbles so it’s not that comfortable for just having some sun, but on a calm day, if you are not for swimming, you can rest here, and have a beautiful day just watching the greenest water you’ll ever see.

However, don’t hold your breath for a day without wind, because, here you have always wind, and renting equipment, so you bring along your courage, your hedonism, your deepest desires, along with your passion, and get on the wildest ride of your life, where nature will turn you into the beast, catching every breath.

For all windsurfers – you are more than welcome here!


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