Tigani Beach – A Mykonos Adventure

This beach we left for the end because you barely can find it on any map, there are no hidden roads that lead to it. Even though it has fine sand, and it’s partly shallow water, the only difference it’s that this beach is so far away from town, there are no commodities. It’s for true adventurists who don’t care about how far away is someplace, but what lay hidden beneath it.

There are no near market or a place to have a decent meal, if you want to spend time on this beach, you’ll have to bring everything along with you. Certainly, we must mention that even though this place is empty most of the time, if someone does come here, it will be by boat or a yacht, having their own grill party on land.

That would be the only treat to your loneliness if you chose to hide from everything even for just one day.


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