Bakalo Restaurant

Bakalo is near the old town of Mykonos, and a great place to dine when visiting. This old but renovated restaurant specialized in old cuisine offers their customers every dish as it once was.

Once big spice shop divided to make two smaller places, seems to work out great for the little restaurant that fits right in.

The main chef managed to merge two kinds of the most unusual food, combining them into a great delight, Cycladic old menu adding to it much wanted spices from all over the world.

Like no other places, you can have their cheese, and everything you order is being made on Mykonos or some other surrounding islands, so, when it comes to authentic dishes, this is the right place for you — highly recommended grilled calamari stuffed with spinach and tarmac vinaigrette or grilled octopus with small beans.

When it comes to something sweet, you must try desert called kserotigana which is basically ribbon made pastry fried on top of which is ice cream made from a local honey pie.

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Bakalo Restaurant is open daily from 7:00pm and closes at 1:30am.

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Bakalo Restaurant
Address: Lakka, Mykonos Town, Mykonos, Greece
Phone: +30 2289 078121
Web: Homepage | Menu

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