Uno Con Carne Restaurant

This restaurant is a bit hidden in the narrow streets of Mykonos, but if you don’t like seafood that much, this place is just for you! Their main courses are usually steak in any way you can imagine it: Rib Eye, T-Bone, Picanha which is Brazilian by origins, NY strip steak and filet mignon, all are best served here.

Some of the other dishes you’ll want to try here is melon cold soup made with tartar with a variety of seasonal herbs, with orange and citrus juice and melon, spinach salad made with feta cheese, strawberries, sesame seeds, croutons with chilly mustard dressing, then forward with oysters in every shape and size, with or without greenery, cooked, grilled, oysters consume a big part on the menu.

Iberico black pork is something you shouldn’t miss, beef filet also, but there are so many of them, that the hardest thing to do is to cut them from the menu, but some things are meant to be hidden, or everything loses its charms. Of course, they always have the usual seafood, but the customers decided that they make the best of the West, so if not a fan of sea creatures, we highly recommend Uno Con Carde for your ‘land’ meal.


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