Paros is one of the larger of the Cyclades islands. It is believed that the ancient Cretans were the first inhabitants. In ancient times, Paros was famous for its marble. These sculptures, as well as the marble of Penteli Mountain, were used by sculptors of ancient times to create their masterpieces, which are on display in museums around the world today. Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Paros had rich intellectual and artistic traditions, for here Skopas and Agorakritus were born. Both were sculptors; Nicanor and Arkesilaos, both painters; as well as the acclaimed satirical poet Archilochos. Today, Paros is known for its wonderful church of Panaghia “Ekatontapyliani” (Holy Virgin of the Hundred Gates), or “Katapoliani”. The main town of the island is Paroikla, South of it is the interesting old “Nymphs’ Cave” and further away, the ruins of the Askleipion Temple.


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