Funky Kitchen

Stylish Indoor Seating @ Funky Kitchen Restaurant
Funky Kitchen

This is one of the most creative restaurants, and their most famous dish, besides fish and sea products is a rack of lamb. Knowing how hard it could be to make it, many customers highly recommend this dish.

This is the one of such ‘attention to details’ menu, at first glance, you’ll get why name Funky; it’s divided into three categories which are Vegetarian, Gluten-free, and Everything else. So, no need to wonder, at first page, you are half set for your finest meal. Much of every good culinary dish or spice in the world is part of this menu, so combine feta cheese with fresh mint leaves, and their dressing, you’ll start a great meal.

Unlike many other places, you can eat a great bowl of soup, made just from vegetable, with sorbet and pine nuts, feta summer rolls are made with sesame seeds, tomato marmalade with ginger and mastic, or chicken breasts prepared with sun-dried cherry tomatoes and artichoke and mushrooms or dish called Calif’s liver made with wild oregano and red vine.

The list goes on and on, that’s why you should be at Funky Kitchen and make your own choice. To add their signature dessert, which is chocolate nirvana with a ‘must try’ sign!