Apaggio Restaurant

Nighttime Outdoor Patio Seating with Sea View @ Apaggio Restaurant
Apaggio Restaurant

This one is a great sea-side restaurant, and judging by the reviews it’s a pleasure to dine at this fine restaurant. You’ll be offered a local dish, and only fallacy all who were there have to say that it’s too pricey, even for that kind of luxury.

We have to say that they make great food, and you’d be amazed how many things served here are organic.

They have olive oil, which is irreplaceable in almost every dish, along with baby spinach, rucola (rocket salad), valerian and doucette (which is used for salads and lamb racks for spicing) are all organic.

Besides, ouzo which is Greek signature drink is here served a lot, and they have more than 100 different types of ouzo, which can be combined with all kind of drinks to make great cocktails.

Except for all mentioned things, you can have your food to go, or to stay and enjoy your meal. On the menu you’ll find things like marinated octopus with potato salad, fresh oysters, fried baby shrimps, boiled greens with mushrooms and tomatini, and many other which will make you ‘as happy as a clam’.

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