Buddha Bar Beach

Nighttime Outdoor Patio Seating with Sea View @ Buddha Bar Beach Restaurant
Buddha Bar Beach

This place is situated at Santa Marina and offers an exhilarating culinary and entertainment experience.

Also settled in the place where not everyone can afford the prices, but if you can, this would be the perfect experience you’ll never forget. There are great reviews, so if you can afford this place, don’t waste any time, go to Buddha and enjoy yourself.

Except for the peace and quiet, that is so rare in this place. It will give you a sense of serenity and calmness that is quite precious when on holiday, relaxing.

This place so invitingly offers a blend of such different culinary merges, that are made of East Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and many other Asian cuisines, adding to them a bit of spice from West. There is nothing you can imagine that they won’t deliver. 

Starting with the raw, or barely cooked food, it’s always a gamble if you are not sure about your skills.

The first thing on the menu is served fresh, where we must include sushi, oysters, Beluga Iranian caviar, freshly baked bread, with a bit grilles cherry tomatoes, and burrata cheese, salmon or sea bass carpaccio, along with coriander, grapefruit, and red chili pepper.

Those are just starters for your imagination; everything else will come right on time.

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