Spilia – A Mykonos Restaurant

Spilia – A Mykonos Restaurant

Over 30 years this place offers authentic Mediterranean-Mykonian culinary experience. Seafood and fresh fish are served straight from the Aegean sea.

This is a romantic place hidden in the cave, some tables are so near the water that you get to watch lobster caught up right in front of you. If you want to get out of the noisy crowd and have some peace and quiet, you’re in the right place.

Carved into a cave, having its own separated little cave for more than one setting at every time you decide to go. Also, if you want to enjoy your own private ‘cave experience’ it would be best to reserve your own slice of heaven.

People who work there are in need to have the best meals, best service will try to make your stay with them an experience that you’ll never forget. They make mostly their own food, grown right there on the island, and the seafood is fresh from the sea.

You’ll have to have a bit deeper pockets to dine at this unusual place, but you’ll see that meal you had there was worth it. Besides organic olives, which everyone mentioning in every review are worth mentioning, also, something that gets great along with a variety of meals.

Tuna tartar, sea bass carpaccio, lobster, linguine, sea urchins opened by the staff right in front of you, this place have everything to be excited for!

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