Kiki’s Tavern

Kiki’s Tavern

If asked, everyone will tell you that the Kiki’s is the best place to go! It’s the smallest place you’ve ever seen, no electricity, just a grill, a bunch of local products, and a sea of wine.

You won’t be able to phone them, view their website or see a big sign out front, but the food served here is beyond comprehension! From seafood to the pork chops, the lineup you’ll have to wait in, it will be worth every second. When the line gets too big, and the sun starts to burn, they will give you a cup of local wine, while waiting to be served.

Given that everyone has their own eating habits and wishes, this is an older place, where everyone will get what they’re urged to eat when on holiday.

While Mykonos is full of great views, it’s rare to find both a great place to rest and eat beside one. Where some of the older buildings have changed over to new looks, Kiki’s Tavern still retains its vintage style.

You’ll get calm and accommodating waiters, and above all, the best food you ever tasted, in friendly surroundings. If you go there often, it will remind you of Cheers; a place where everybody knows your name.

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