Useful Things to Pack When Traveling in Panama

Useful Things to Pack When Traveling in Panama
  • Digital Video Camera/PhoneExtra memory, batteries, chargers will come in handy
  • Unlocked CellphonePanama SIM cards are cheap and easy to use
  • WIFI / GPS DeviceSmartphone, tablet or laptop
  • Travel Pillow and BlanketCloudz brand pillows are heaven on earth, and a little blankie never hurts
  • Lightweight FlashlightFor night walks and hikes, power outages, hostel etiquette, etc.
  • Alarm Clock/AppTo wake up for early excursions, bus rides, etc.
  • Power Adaptors/ConvertersPanama has 110V, 60Hz — Standard USA/Canada Voltage
  • USD Money/Debit Card/Credit CardNotify your bank about your being out of county prior to using any card
  • International Travel InsuranceBetter safe than sorry
Collect memories and stories to last a lifetime!

From surf beaches to rainforest jungles with sunrise mountain tops, Panama offers travelers a diverse landscape to explore.

Useful Things to Pack When Traveling in Panama

Useful Things to Pack When Travling to Panama Beach Destinations

Soak up some rays and cool off in the endless blue!

As a tropical destination, expect beaches to be hot and sometimes humid with blue sunny skies and delightfully warm waters throughout high-season (December-April).

Useful Things to Pack When Traveling in Panama

  • Sun ProtectionWaterproof 30-50SPF sunscreen/bronzer, hats, and sunglasses
  • MoisturizerNon-alcohol based, preferably with aloe
  • Summer ClothingPack for 68°-90° F (20°-32° C) weather with humidity
  • Beach ClothingBoardies or swim shorts — bikinis or swimsuits
  • Beach AccessoriesTowels, wraps, etc.
  • Open-toed ShoesFlip- flops, jandals/sandals or pluggers
  • SurfboardSuch a common sight to see to atop Central America buses

Useful Things to Pack for Panama Hiking Destinations

  • Spring/Fall Seasonal ClothesLight, but warm jeans, sweaters, jackets, and socks
  • Summer ClothesThin hiking shorts, tees, long-sleeves shirts, and socks
  • Hiking ClothesHooded jacket or poncho, thin hiking pants, dry-fit clothing, and socks
  • Waterproof Hiking/Trekking ShoesBe comfortable, stay warm
  • Dry Bag DaypackFor hikes in the rain, river crossings, etc.
  • BinocularsNo more did you see that… when bird watching… because YES, YOU DID!
  • Insect repellent30% to 50% DEET
Get wet, muddy, sweaty and 100% rejuvenated!

When trekking into Panama’s interior, expect the unexpected! It’s cloudy, then it’s not, it’s a crazy downpour and then it’s blue sky weather!

The higher the elevation in the cloud forest, the more unpredictable weather patterns become. Daily temperatures in town range from 60°F to 80F° (16°C to 28°C) and can get progressively colder as you ascend into the night.

Useful Things to Pack When Traveling in Panama

Stay dry, stay warm, STAY HAPPY and HEALTHY

Useful Things to Pack for Panama Sailing Trips

Get wet, wild and absolutely blown away by the beauty of nature!

Pretty much ALL beach packing items apply to sailing with some extras on top.

There isn’t much space on board so it’s likely that you’ll have to store your main luggage below deck. If you have a waterproof cover for your bag, put it on before boarding. A dry bag daypack is also recommended, as rain and wave spray will soak the deck.

Useful Things to Pack When Traveling in Panama

  • Breezy ClothingYou’re cruising at 20 knots, so expect a little wind in your gitches
  • Waterproof CameraYou’re surrounded by water at all times, and it’s even more beautiful below the surface
  • Dry Bag DaypackLuggage is stored below decks and hard to access, so carry what you need and protect it wisely
  • Alcohol (can or plastic)Sundowners with your fellow passengers are pretty much a given
  • SnacksMeals are standard on boats, but portions are not. Check your boat reviews and pack some nibbles
  • Cash MoneyIsland locals will come up to the boat to sell beer/cola, and crisps, as well as fresh lobster and fish
  • Travel Pillow and BlanketSleeping on deck under the stars is a night you’ll never forget
  • Handheld Fan / Extra BatteriesAll the fresh air is “above deck”, so you’ll appreciate the breeze below wherever you can get it
  • Nausea WristbandsA natural, non-drowsy alternative to Dramamine or Meclizine
  • Snorkel and MaskGear is usually provided, but if you want guaranteed comfort, you best bring it with you
  • Bio-degradable Soap/ShampooMost sailboats don’t have showers and the ocean is your bathtub
  • Soft Toilet PaperYou never know what awaits you in the bathroom and there are no second options

Useful Things to Pack for Panama Cross-Country Travel

  • Babel or Rosetta Stone app / Spanish Phrasebook Learn today, use tomorrow
  • Panama Guide BookPDF Guides, Moon Handbooks, Frommer’s or Lonely Planet
  • Powerless FunInteresting novels, portable board games, playing cards, etc.
Get… más inteligente, cultivándote y siendo muy amigable!

Useful Things to Pack When Traveling in Panama

Most of Panama’s tourist destinations are spread out across the country, so expect a lot if 4+ hour trips between destinations. Maximize your travels by brushing up your Spanish, learning more about your next destination or catching up some much-needed sleep.

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