Apulit Island

Apulit Island

Apulit Island, Palawan Philippines attractions and info

Apulit is a dragon shaped island located in Taytay, Northern Palawan Philippines. Formerly Club Noah, Apulit islands was acquired by the Ayala group & El nido and formally opened again in 2010. They changed the name from club noah to Apulit island to use the real name of the island, that means “napadpad” in Tagalog.

If you want great attractions and up for a complete relaxation, communion with nature and isolation, heading to Apulit Island is your great selection. It provides exhilarating and exciting activities for all the thrill seekers. You can climb and rappel down the sixty meter limestone cliff, with bird’s eye sight of the whole Apulit Island. Diving and discover sunken treasures simply of the beach of Apulit island with a ship wreck. Put the headlights and go spelunking in the various caves of Apulit Island, or hop on the banca as one go snorkeling and island hopping.

Apulit Island’s attractions

Are you preparing for a family trip or a honeymoon trip? For a supreme destination, beaches are the great option and the Apulit Island’s attraction in Palawan would be the best for these types of trips. Hotels in Palawan and the island’s resort is definitely one of the top place to visit if you wish to have memorable time staying in a very quiet place, attraction Palawan giving you a real feeling of a tropical escape.

The only airport in Palawan the Cesar Lim Rodriguez Airport might look completely under developed but everyone loved it that way. The gravel road operates as the airport runway and operates as the access road of jeepney transfers to the river Tamisan. Surrounded by the lush Mangrove, river tamisan is the jump of point to Palawan hotels. A foot bridge leads you to the boat that you can used to arrive at island’s hotels. While looking at the vast island afar, you were amazed to see a Hollywood similar white “Taytay” sign in the center of the mount in Palawan. You’ll not see this kind of destruction in some other towns and island in Philippines. That’s the only destruction you saw while in the island…seriously!

Best luxury tourist place

Palawan attraction provides visitors with an unforgettable experience of the huge sea and also the lovely feel of the towering limestone cliffs. Attractions in Palawan are a remarkably beautiful island and one of the best luxury tourist places in the Philippines.

Hotels and resort of the island offers a breathtaking sight of the tropical paradise followed by incredible scenic landscapes. The Apulit Island has mainly 50 cottages that are create in traditional way showcasing Filipino architecture. Visitors can simply feel relax and enjoying the scenic beauty of the Apulit island.

These cottages have a verandah facing the remarkable bay and the Taytay Mainland. There you can find rest room too small but you’ll find almost everything you need in a rest room. To provide you more time to appreciate and communicate with nature, wifi and TV is not available in these cottages but if in case of truly need to check your mail, they provides freely wifi network in the club house.

Visitors can enjoy traditional dining at the Club house restaurants and can enjoy evening at the beach bar. There’re many water cottages that are create around the main cove of Apulit Island. Deluxe water cottages are providing for family and large group. One of the biggest features of the water cottages are that provides tourist with direct passage to the water under their room itself.

Don’t be surprised, simply look at the water underneath your verandah and you’ll find colorful fishes and black tip reef sharks playing with the waves. In the dining Apulit island is so good. Tourists will be catering with green salads that are purely grown.

Apulit island and its hotels and resort gives the visitors an amazing experience of enjoying the wealth of the wildlife and tropical fishes as well as. Apulit Island includes additional amenities like game area, boutique, private gardens as well as snorkeling.

The Apulit Island can also be used as a complete place for wedding and other great functions. It is a dream place for people who wish to spend some private, quiet and enjoyable vacation. The Palawan attractions are a great destination full of tranquility and peace.

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