Ottomon Bank Museum

A great collection of official archives from Ottoman Empire can be found at Osmanli Bank Museum in Karakoy, along with old Ottoman banknotes, contracts, and orders of the palace officers.


During it’s history the Ottoman Bank experienced capitalism, war damage, and urbanization.

Imperial Bank

As the name implies, the Ottoman Bank Museum functioned as the official imperial bank of the Ottoman Empire. As an imperial bank in the past, the Ottoman Bank Museum was charged with acting as a bank of issue, controller of state expenditures and incomes, etc.

Balkan Wars

Moreover, the Ottoman Bank Museum also offered an integral role at the time of the Balkan Wars by providing the Ottoman Empire with credits, thus ensuring constant funding as the war waged on. When the Turkish economy recovered after the war, the Ottoman Bank helped to promote the economy and businesses.

World War I

The Ottoman Bank was damaged during World War I. The Ottoman Empire also lost its trust bank due to the foreign clients that the bank has, which participated in the war. The crisis of the Suez canal, which happened several years after the World Wars, dealt a significant blow to the bank. Eventually, the Ottoman Bank sold its branches, and this contributed to its ceasing all banking activity.

Opening Hours

Open every day between 10am and 6 pm.

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Address: Bankalar Str., Nu:35-37, Karakoy, İstanbul
Tram: Tunel stop