Hotels in Istanbul Accommodation Guide

When vacationing in Istanbul, you’ll many different types of hotels to choose from. From budget pensions to 3-star, 4-star, and luxurious 5-star hotels, some of which are even located inside places. Anything with a Bosphorus view or a luxurious spa, restaurant, or club located inside the hotel will generally cost you more than those without. The level of room-service, in-hotel facilities, and pampering you desire is simply up to you and your budget with the sky being the limit in Istanbul.

Spa Hotels

Hotels in Istanbul Accommodation Guide

With the city being known for hammam services that date back to the time of Constantinople, luxury spas are quite a common sight at the best hotels in Istanbul. While many of the spa hotels are newly built, the services they provide have a similar feel to the historical Turkish baths of yesteryear.

Sweet indulging of soul-soothing relaxation and all-out pampering come as standard at the luxury spa hotels of Istanbul. Incredible accommodations like the Cirigan Palace Kempinski, along with the Pera Palace offer up a unique slice of history within their walls. Others like The Ritz Carlton and Swissotel simply offer a long-standing promise of luxury known around the world.

If budget is a concern, the GLK Premier has four different 4-star hotels in Istanbul, all of which have their own health spas, as do singular 4-star hotels such as the Yasmak Sultan, Miss Istanbul, and the Orka Royal.