Asmali Mescit Things to Do

A touristy neighborhood in Beyoglu where the Istanbul Modern and Pera museums are located. The narrow streets are full of restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs.


Isikital Avenue also runs through the heart of Asmali Mescit adding to options for shopping and fast-food, so you’ll find it all to be quite busy throughout the day and night. It also known as one of the best places for nightlife in Istanbul.


The neighborhood of Asmali Mescit is located between the Sishane Metro Station (M2) and the Galatasaray Tram Stop. The beginning of Isikital Avenue (Caddesi) starts at the Sishane Metro and runs through all of Asmali Mescit.

The Tünel funicular stop at Beyolglu (F2) sits just below Asmali Mescit and is just steps from Isikital Avenue. Halfway down Isikital towards Galatasaray is the Okadule tram stop where you can easily exit to get to the Pera Museum.

Famous Street

Asmalimescit Street is located within the Asmali Mescit neighborhood and links Refik Saydam Caddesi to Isikital Avenue.

On the western end, Asmalimescit Street merges into Tepebaşı Caddesi at Refik Saydam and on the eastern end, it merges into Kumbaracı Yokuşu at Isikital Avenue.

You can also find it as the first major intersection north of the Sishane Metro (M2) station / Beyolglu Tünel funicular (F2) along Isikital Avenue.

Asmalimescit – Beyoglu, Istanbul
Address: Asmalimescit Street, Istiklal Avenue, Beyoglu, Istanbul

Tourist Map

No matter what you want to do or see in Asmali Mescit, you’ll be able to quickly find it on our interactive tourist map below.


With it being a ritzy neighborhood, art in shapes and forms plays a large role in the attractions found in Asmali Mescit.

The Istanbul Modern Museum of Art and the Pera Museum are the main draws while the Yeni Kreni Cultural Center (Museum + Art Gallery) and Odakule Art Gallery are also worth a visit.

There are also many smaller art galleries in Asmali Mescit which include the Galerist, Art On, T. C. Ziraat Bank, and the Zimmerman Gallery.

On top of that, there’s a performing arts center in Asmali Sahne, a unique theater in Tiyatro Kara Kutu and a dance school in AfroCubanos.

Religious art can also be found in the Church of St. Mary Draperis, and Saint Helena’s Chapel.

Pera Museum

A 5-floor building with a cafe and museum shop that features a popularized painting called “The Tortoise Trainer. There are several permanent collections on display like the Anatolian Weights and Measures, The Adventure of Coffee in Kutahya Tiles and Ceramics, Orientalist Paintings and Early Turkish Paintings, along with some temporary exhibit halls.

Istanbul Museum of Modern Art

Another 5-floor museum with modern and contemporary works of Turkish artists. The IMMA has a permanent collection and a temporary exhibition hall. There’s also a photo gallery, video area, and a cinema, where you can view and explore more work from modern Turkish artists.

Nearby Attractions

No matter the direction, there are several other worthwhile attractions within a short walk of Amasli Mescit.

Galata Mevlevi Museum

The Galata Mevlevihanesi Muzesi is a former lodge that served as a monastery dedicated to Whirling Dervishes. Once a week, a dervish performance is held here with only 150 tickets being available to the public. The museum itself occupies 3 levels, where you can find a collection of Dervish ceremony items and other historical artifacts and clothing.


There’s the Galatasaray Museum, the famous Flower Passage (Cicek Pasaji) and Madame Tussauds, an amazing wax museum. If you’re looking for more modern art, there’s also the Dogancay Museum.


There’s the Galata Tower and the Galata Mevlevi Museum, home to one of the best whirling dervish shows in Istanbul.


There’s The Museum of Innocence and another one of the great nightlife areas in Istanbul at French Street (Franciz Sokak).


There’s the Recep Tayyip Erdogan Stadium where the Kasimpasa football team plays and where you can see many live concerts.


There is no shortage of restaurants or places to eat in and around Asmali Mescit. Many of the available options are considered to be luxury dining and contain some of the finest chefs in all of Istanbul.

The Cafe Royal at the 5-star, Rixos Pera Hotel would fit in this category and offers a radiant setting that could be part of the Casablanca movie set.

Ones like 360 Istanbul and Eleos come with incredible views of Istanbul and others like Aheste, Meze by Lemon Tree, Antiochia Concept, Sahrap, and Asmalimescit Durumcusu delight both tourists and locals alike.

No matter your food of preference, there’s something for everyone in every price range in Asmali Mescit.

Cafe Royal @ Rixos Pera Istanbul

An ala carte restaurant on the ground floor of the Rixos Pera that has freshly cooked lunch and dinner cuisine, as well as homemade pastries, gateaux, chocolate souffle, eclairs, cookies and a variety of flavored coffees. The window seating also has a great of the Pera district.

360 Istanbul

A penthouse with rooftop dining that sits atop a 19th-century apartment building and offers both a Mediterranean and Turkish cuisine. The seated view of Istanbul as you can guess is a 360-degrees and overlooks the Bosphorus Strait and the Sea of Marmara.

Meze by Lemon Tree

A small restaurant popular for their degustation menu which consists of 5 cold mezes, one hot meze, 2 entrees. Dinner is concluded with a signature dessert of either bananas with honey, almonds, pistachios with clotted cream in a red chili sauce or hazelnut pudding topped with tahini and mulberry molasses.

Asmali Cavit

The Asmali Cavit has a full bar and two levels of seating, amidst a laidback and cozy atmosphere with Turkish music playing in the background. They serve Mediterranean and Turkish dishes are known for their mezes, minced meat rolls, grilled anchovies, roasted eggplant salad, and raki.

Antiocha Concept

A cafe-style restaurant with a Bohemian ambiance that serves Mediterranean cuisine. They’re known for using fresh local ingredients and their wraps with marinated meat and special sauces which include olive oil and pomegranate sour. Their signature desserts consist of Antakya Kunefesi with cheese, specially made sahlepi ice cream and an aubergine walnut dessert.

Sahrap Restaurant

A 2-level restaurant that specializes in Anatolian dishes. The owner is a famous Turkish chef and author of many Turkish Anatolian cookbooks who personally prepares the cuisine and greets patrons. The local street musicians also add to the ambiance of the outdoor seating area.

Asmalimescit Durumcusu

A quaint little place that serves Turkish, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine that is known for its wraps, kebab, and durum. Their cubby hole offers an escape from the busy streets with a relaxing atmosphere and a variety of Turkish sodas to tickle your fancy.

Fast Food

For many partygoers, a quick and tasty bite to eat is all that’s needed.

Patatoes is the most popular with tourists, but the Kokopera Kokorec and the Balkan Lokantasi are worth a visit.


Whether you want to nice cup of Turkish coffee or tea or just to play backgammon or smoke some shisha, the number of options will found in this neighborhood of Asmali Mescit will astound you.

The Mandabatmaz and Mado are must-visits, while Noir Pit, the Streetcar Cafe, and Kahveci Mustafa Amca Jeans are also quite high on the list.

The J’adore Chocolatier and Bolci cafes are high on chocolate while Koska and Koska Helvacisi have a huge selection of Turkish delights.

The Turkish-German Bookstore & Cafe and the Kitabevi cafe are great for book lovers while the Sara Cafe and the Taş Devri Nargile offer shisha.