Nevizade Street Visitor Guide

The lively terrace-atmosphere of the narrow Nevizade Sokak (street) are filled with cafes, fish restaurants, meyhanes and more. This quarter-mile, pedestrian-only throughway, is the center of Istanbul nightlife and stays busy all week long till the morning comes.


Located at the back of the famous Cicek Pasaji (Flower Passage) in the middle of Istiklal Avenue. you’ll find many places to enjoy the nightlife in Nevizade Street. Whether you simply want to soak up the atmosphere while grabbing a late-night snack or make this your nightly home, Nevizade will not disappoint.

Ney’le Mey’le Meyhane

This is the first tavern in Nevizade Street. Their menu consists of authentic Turkish cuisines from starters, cup pastry, sauteed liver, Cretan sauce, and grilled octopus.

If you want to share a drink with friends as you chat, then this is the right place for you.

Ney’le Mey’le Meyhane does not compromise on comfort – the staff will work tirelessly to ensure you’re in a calm and relaxing environment. Traditionally, this tavern is known for their lovely Raki.


Aret’in Yeri Meyhane

Aret’in Yeri aims to keep the old culture alive with Raki chats. Guests can enjoy different foods and drinks accompanied by specialty drinks. The staff is very polite and ensures all guests are comfortable.

The menu consists of starters, salads, desserts, and main meals. Some of the famous dishes include shrimp stew, fried Calamari, Grilled Mushrooms, Cheesy Pastry, Humus, grilled squid, etc.

After you enjoy a meal, you can take a beer, raki, wine, turnip, or Fanta. Because the restaurant is located on the top floor, you’ll love the view and great atmosphere.


Babel Ocakbasi

This is the right place to have a delicious dinner or to start a friendly conversation with friends. Babel Ocakbasi brings the local delicacies to you from special turnips, row meat, and fresh meat varieties.

Their menu consists of starters, salads, desserts, and main courses. The signature Turkish grilled meat goes well with some raki and wine.

If you’re strolling along Nevizade Sokak, this eatery is worth trying. During special occasions, you can make your reservation via phone. The staff is friendly and attentive to details.


Ravouna 1906 Coffee & Bar

This is a spacious rooftop bar that gives a spectacular view. It has a spacious terrace and offers delicious food. When it comes to drinks, the bar will meet and exceed your expectations. You can try the cocktails or explore the extensive wine list.

The rooftop is a different story. As soon as you enter the building, you’ll see elegance fused with sophistication.

If you’re a coffee-lover, you can have a taste of authentic Turkish coffee. Guests can also enjoy their drinks as they watch live sports on the flat screens. And when you compare the price of foods and drinks with the nearby eateries, you can be confident they are reasonably priced. The staff is friendly and welcoming.

But the highlight of the night here are the musicians who play violins, drums, and clarinet. When they come to your table, they will sing for you. It’s customary that you give them a tip. If you want them to play the song, just give them a gesture before they play the note.


Keyif Restaurant

This restaurant offers a variety of cuisines on the menu. You can enjoy your favorite food with friends and family for at least one evening. The delicious dishes are accompanied with cocktails, wine, and other specialty drinks.

It’s worth noting that the menu keeps changing, so you’ll always find something new. A two-course meal excluding the drinks costs $11.00. Also, the staff is friendly and offers exemplary service.


Nevizade Restaurant

Nevizade restaurant offers authentic Turkish cuisines. Once you step in here, you can take 40 types of cold appetizers, fish, and barbecue varieties.

As you enjoy your meal, you can listen to cool music. In the evening, you can color your night with live DJ performances. More interestingly, you can relax on the terrace floor to breathe some air. Don’t forget to taste the Turkish alcoholic drink. Of course, the prices of foods and drinks are pocket-friendly.


Degustasyon Restaurant

The eatery is located next to Nevizade Meyhane and has been serving authentic Turkish food in a friendly environment. It has a sitting capacity of 250 people and welcomes guests in collective organizations.

You can choose 40 different types of food prepared by experienced chefs. In the evening, you can watch live music from the local performers as you take a drink. During the summer, you can sit at the terrace and breathe in some fresh air. Be sure to reserve your seat early.


Boncuk Restaurant

Boncuk offers a pleasant environment for those who like the tavern culture. This venue is well known for its authentic seafood.

Once you place the order, the chefs will prepare the dish to perfection. It’s also an ideal place for stealing the night with your friends. You can always ask the DJ to play your favorite Turkish music.


Travel Tips

  • Drinking Raki on Nevizade is pretty much a requirement!
  • You can easily walk from one place to the next, drink in hand
  • If you think you might just start here, don’t be surprised if you never leave!

Tourist Map

Nevizade – Beyoglu, Istanbul
Address: Nevizade Street, Istiklal Avenue, Beyoglu, Istanbul