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NYE Concerts in Istanbul

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has left the schedule for Istanbul New Year’s Eve concerts up in the air for 2020. It’s still unknown if any concerts will happen at all, and if so, they’re only likely to come together in the very last minute.


Last year there were some famous Turkish musicians counting down the clock in Istanbul with Diva hosting the Elite World Resort party, Merve Özbey starred at Gece Life Nakkaştepe, and Ilhan Gencer was gracing the Jazz Company.

Arif Susam also headlined at the Istanbul Wow Hotel, while Soner Olgun ve Suzan Kardes was showcased at Elite World Asia.


If you’re curious to know how much these concerts costs, so you budget for 2021, then just view the list below.

  • Diva = 950-1250 TL
  • Merve Özbey = 550-1350 TL
  • Soner Olgun ve Suzan Kardes = 550 TL
  • Ilhan Gencer = 299 -359 TL
  • Arif Susam = Contact