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You are thinking of visiting Milan in July? Honestly speaking, I don’t consider it the best month of the year. I’m I’m not trying to discourage you but there are other months that are more enjoyable for you visit.

It’s a typical summer month and after August, the hotties one. But while in August reigns in the city calmness and almost non-existent traffic, July is a busy time in Milan. Milanesi are still in the city, as August is going to be their preferred month for the holidays.

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Weather forecast in Milan in July

July is one the hottest months in Milan. According the temperature statistics, the average daily temperature in Milan in this month is 25°C/77°F. One can say, it’s more than pleasant temperature, and I do agree.

But very often in July, temperatures reach tropical 31°C/87.8°F and more. Dampness is very high at this period and you’ll be sweating a lot.

The only salvation is to drink a plenty of water (better a cold beer).

Is it raining a lot in July? I would say this month shows up as one of the dampest during the year. It’s not a problem how long the rain lasts but because of rain storms that are very usual in July. Mostly are caused as a consequence of high humidity.

It may seem a strange fact that Milan in July has over 100mm of rainfall and almost 9 days of wet days. In July Milan faces inundation problems in some city areas, particularly northern parts (Niguarda zone) caused by Seveso river, underground river of Milan.

What about sunshine days in July? Surely there will be a lot of sunny days. You can expect at least 9 hours of sunshine per day in Milan during this month. According some statistics every third day will be sunny.

How to get dressed and what to bring in your suitcase

July is the month of the discounts and shopping sales. If you are eager for shopping, July is the best place to make some shopping in case you have forgotten to bring something of the summer clothes. Don’t worry, you can renew it in Milan.

The most important rule is to wear natural and non-synthetic materials. Some small details like a cross body bags, cat-eye sunglasses, summer T-Shirt tops with sweatpants, and a fancy watch will help you measure your time when hopping from one to another site seeing.

A pair of comfortable shoes while going around on foot, is must have. Go for high quality leather sandals, or light sneakers. Don’t use flip-flop in Milan. Here are some proposition for Milan in August, as both months are identical in many things.

Considering a real possibility of sudden showers in July, don’t miss to take a light unisex pack-able waterproof rain jacket for your outdoor expeditions and small and compact travel umbrella.

What to do in Milan in July

Even July isn’t my favorite month, Milan will offer a lot things to see and do. In this summer month, you can face crowds at some of the main tourist attractions. For first time visitors, the first thing you should do is:

Milan city center – Free tour

Milan in July

It’s true and it’s free. It happens from Tuesday to Sunday, every day, all year around (except in August). It’s a 3,5 hours of walking tour with an expert guide. See more info here!

It’s a great must-see introduction to Milan. On this tour you’ll see:

  • Duomo (Cathedral)
  • S. Nazaro’s Church
  • Trivulzio Chapel
  • Galleria Vittorio Emanuele
  • Teatro alla Scala (Opera House)
  • Merchants’ Square
  • Piazza Affari
  • Milan’s ONLY daily routes and a FREE city tour!


  • Time: 10:00 AM
  • Price: Free
  • Duration: 3.5 hour (including break)
  • Available: Everyday
  • Language: English
  • Meeting point: On the right side of Duomo cathedral in front of Museum 900 (Museo del Novecento.
  • The guide will be waiting for you with a yellow umbrella.

July Summer Sales Collection

Milan in July has always been a synonym for shopping sales (saldi estivi in Italian). This haven for shopping lovers starts on the first Saturday of July and usually lasts until the first day of September.

There are some basic rules, you have to keep in mind before you start run after deals to have an enjoyable sale shopping experience during July’s saldi estivi.

For those looking for a bargain or how to to grab the best deals, you have to be there on the first days of sales, as you’ll find a long queues in front of the expensive designer boutiques in the Quadrilatero della moda (Quadrilateral of fashion), luxury outlets and department stores.

This shopping feast takes twice a year. First time in January-February for winter collection and the second one in July-August for summer collection. The main rule of all sales concern the seasonal products regarding only the outgoing collection, not the new one.

Usually discounts range from 5 to 70% and apply to all kinds of articles from clothing to accessories. Especially, pay attention to articles over 70% as they generally refers to items from last year’s collections, whose sale according the Italian law should be forbidden or, at least appropriately marking the year of production. More about shopping in Milan during the sales, see this page.

Milan in July Latin Festival

Milan in JulyThis traditional festival has reached its fourth edition in 2018. If you like Latin rhythm and dance it’s a great occasion to participate to different concerts and manifestations.This festival dedicated to Latin American culture, takes place from 14th June to 18th August in Assago (nearby southern Milan district) at famous Forum venue.

The program includes music, concerts, dancing, cultural initiatives, animation, photo exhibitions.Festival show times go from 18.30 PM to 02.00 AM from Monday to Sunday. Price entrance goes from € 3 to € 10 depending of timetable. The entrance fee is lower for women.

Where is Assago Forum Hall:

  • By car take direction of tangenziale Ovest Exit A7 Assago / Forum.
  • By underground take line M2 Green Like and take off at Assago Milanofiori Forum
  • By bus N° 328 or 321

Find more info on Facebook Milano Latin Festival page!

More Milan in July Events

Arianteo open air cinema

Live shows from Iron Maiden to Prophets of Rage, Alice in Chains, The Chemical Brothers, Jethro Tull, at the Hippodrome San Siro — Event Details

From June to September! Don’t miss the opportunity to see a film in different locations of the city under the stars!

Milan in July

Rock your summer

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Milan in July

Top day tour in Milan in July


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