Milan In October

Are you planning to be in Milan in October?

If you haven’t been before in Northern Italy, and if your travel activities are mainly outdoors, your first question will be – How bad is the weather in October?

I live here and I can say, not bad at all. Honestly, October with September and two Spring months, April and May, are definitely the best months to visit Milan. You will certainly find some rainy days but also enough  nice sunny and warm days.

I must say, nowadays with unpredictable climate changes, to predict what weather you can expect in October in Milan, is rather tricky. I advise you to concentrate more on average temperatures in this month, rather then on weather forecast.

Here’s what you need to know about October:

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Weather In Milan In October

The climate in October in Milan (it is also valid for Northern Italy lakes, Como and Maggiore)  starts to get pretty chilly. Even September has more ‘safer’ weather, in October, beautiful and sunny days are not excluded. It’s sure that October can be more rainy than September.

Normally,  the average daily temperature in Milan is 14.5°C but it’s not a big surprise that temperatures reach over 20°C which is quite pleasant. Temperatures tend to drop lower in the evening, especially at night.The average minimum temperature in Milan in October is 10°C.

Is October rainy in Milan?

It’s Autumn and it’s quite normal to expect some rainy days so you should be prepared for this. October has approximately the same number of rainy days as in September and average rainfall of 90 mm is on a par with previous month. Statistics say that 11 days on average will be rainy.

What’s about sunny days?

Don’t worry, you can expect also some sunny days. According statistics, average 3 to 4 hours of sunshine per day. If I were you, let’s leave aside statistics, as I remember days in October over 25°C.

What to pack and what to wear in October

Like always, the most important factors in planning what to pack and what you should or shouldn’t wear in Milan are the activities you’re planning to do on your trip and the weather. Always check the weather forecast and actual temperatures before you start your trip. Nothing will ruin your trip faster than being unprepared with the wrong clothing for the weather.

My advice is to bring clothing for the season where it’s more rainy than a sunshine. When you plan your travel wardrobe carefully, take in consideration that the weather is getting cooler in October.

Milan In October

Considering minimum average temperature in Milan falls to 10°C/50°F, don’t go without:

Events in Milan in October

October isn’t too much different from the other months of the year. In Milan never miss interesting events. Milan isn’t only the fashion capital but also the world capital of design. One of the important events closely connected with Milan’s design ability will be held in October.

Milan Fall Design Week

Arrived at its second edition this nine days event, spread across the city, from October 7th to 15th , will be open free of charge to the public. It consists of a series of meetings, exhibitions, workshops and performances around the theme Design your life.

On the occasion of Milan Fall Design Week 2018, different Milan’s district will be involved. One of the most scenic is without a doubt – Brera district. Brera will have its own Brera Design Days from Friday 12 to Thursday 18 October 2018.

Brera will be a place of free talks, presentations, and workshops open to the public but also events dedicated to students and companies who meet to develop ideas and share knowledge. For info, see the Brera Design Days website (only in Italian).

Milan in October – Deejay Ten Race

Milan In October

The Deejay Ten, a non-competitive 5 and 10 kilometers race will take place on October 14th 2018 in Milan. Starting and finish point will be at Piazza Duomo.Everybody can take part of the race. The registration fee is 20€ for 10 km race and 18€ for the shorter race of 5 Km. Each participant will have the bib automatically personalized with the name that will be inserted in the registration form.

If you are interested you can register online for either 1o Km or 5 Km race. You can do it, via the Internet, on the website, paying the online registration fee using your credit card. Have fun! The event will take place, under any weather conditions, on a 10 km and 5 km route closed to traffic.

Last Supper in the evening

Milan In October

Twice a month throughout the second half of 2018, the Last Supper can also be admired during the evening hours. The Last Supper will be open continuously from 7.00 pm to 10.00 pm ( last admission at 9:45 pm).

In Milan in October you can take advantage to visit Leonardo’s masterpiece in two days of October 2018. On 7 and 20 October

Palazzo Reale – Picasso Metamorfosi

Milan In October

From 26 July 2018 it is possible to book a visit to the Picasso Metamorfosi  (Metamorphosis) exhibition scheduled at Palazzo Reale in Milan from 18 October 2018 to 17 February 2019.

This exhibition has beenpromoted by the Picasso Museum in Paris with other international institutions, where will be presented about 200 works including works by Picasso and ancient works of art which the great master has inspired.

You can also book online two types of tickets (website only in Italian):

  • Entrance on the fix date 
  • Entrance with open date ticket
  • Entrance fee – adults 14€
  • Family Ticket- 1 or 2 adults € 12.00 / children from 6 to 14 years € 6.00

More things to do in Milan in October 2018

Leonardo3 – The world of Leonardo

Milan In OctoberOn Monday, 10/1/18, 9:30 AM On the area of (almost 500 Sqm)

The most important interactive and multidisciplinary exhibition dedicated to the artist and engineer Leonardo and its ingenious machines.

Where: At  Sale del Re – Piazza Scala.

Buy your ticket!

Museo Teatrale alla Scala

Milan In OctoberOpen all day from 9 am to 5.30 pm (last entrance at 5.00 pm).Visit the temple of opera house that allows you to see the theater from the third-level boxes and learn all about the extraordinary history of La Scala.

Where: Via Filodrammatici, 2.

Buy your ticket!

High line Galleria

Milan In OctoberOpen daily, from 10am to 9pm.

Start your journey and walk over the Gallery Vittorio Emanuele II to admire the stunning rooftops of the famous Gallery and the Milan’s skyline. You’ll be able to see the Duomo spires up close and enjoy breath-taking views of Milan.

Where: Galleria – Via Silvio Pellico 2, Milano.

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Modigliani Art Experience

Milan In OctoberFrom 20 June al 2 NovemberA multimedia exhibition dedicated to Modigliani one of the avant-garde artists of Paris in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, of Italian origins from Livorno.

Where: MUDEC – Museo delle Culture Room AB in via Tortona 56.

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Carlo Carra’ Milan

Milan In OctoberFrom  October 4th to February 3rd 2019. Thirty years after the last exhibition dedicated to Palazzo Reale, the exhibition traces the entire artistic journey of the Master Carlo Carrà through his most significant works.

Where: Palazzo Reale at Piazza Duomo 12.

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