Milan Geography

Do You Know Where Milan Is? For someone it may seem superfluous to ask, where is Milan Italy? But, regardless of that, if you are planning to visit Milan, the city I live in, it will never hurt you to know exact position of the second largest city in Italy.

Don’t be surprised that many people associate its name with famous Milan FC (football club) without practically knowing the exact Milano city position regarding its geographical location.

If you are looking for Milan city on the boot shape of Italy map, Milano is located in northern Italy, from the north surrounded with the Alps and on south encircled by river Po valley.

Maybe, it’s not important to know all Italian regions, but for your information, Milan is located in Lombardy region, the riches and the most populated region in Italy and one of the most populated in Europe!

Milan Geography
The map to help you find where is Milan Italy

If you travel to Italy by plane from USA or Canada, in 70 percent of cases you will land at Malpensa Airport. Milan in that case will be your entrance point. From there you will probably proceed your travel to southern Italy, with Rome at the first place.

Importance To Know Where Is Milan

Milan Geography
Map of Lombardy map with Milan city capital!

When planning your visit to Italy, knowing Milan location will be of great help to prepare in details your travel itinerary starting from Lombardy capital. Here are some examples:

  • North of Milan are located two the most romantic Northern Italy lakes, Lake Como and Lake Maggiore. From Milan you don’t need a car to take a day trip to these marvels. Just hop on a train of the LeNord train company and in a short time you are in a magic place of lakes.
  • If you don’t have enough time for both lakes, the wonderful Lake Como is must to visit place. I bet you’ll be overwhelmed by lake’s villages and dream villas.
Milan Geography
Strolling path along the lake!

Walkway along the lake – don’t miss this top romantic travel destination and a great spot for photography.

  • Knowing where is Milan will help to how to visit Cinque Terre, five coastal villages located in eastern Liguria region, known as Italian Riviera.
  • Only 160 km from Milan you can visit Verona, the city of love and visit the house of two real lovers who lived in Verona – Romeo and Juliet.
  • Only 30 Km south of Milan city center you can visit La Certosa di Pavia, an awesome monastery completed in the 14th century. Near Milan there are countless places to visit like charming cities of Pavia and Mantova or Cremona the city of Stradivarius and violin maker.
  • If you know where is Milan, than top Italian destinations are reachable in a day visit. Just to mention Rome and Florence by fast Freccia Rossa train (Red Arrow train). It takes an hour and 45 minutes to Florence and three hours to Roma Terminal rail station.
  • Of course I can not forget Venice with 25 direct trains from Milan to Venice in little more than two and half hours, you’ll be at St Mark’s Square, sipping a coffee.

Now you have more reasons to visit Milan and its region! If you have more questions or suggestions, please send me a message!


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