Milan Airports Transport

If you are flying into one of three Milan’s airports, Milan airport transfers options are important for you. Before you get on the plane, be ready to know in advance.

How do I get from the airport to the city?

One thing is certain, you have many possibilities to get to the center of the city. From either of the airports you’re planning to get to your downtown hotel, you have a lot of choices from taking a bus, train, taxi or a private limo.

The only difference between these transfers, it’s a question of time you’ll need to get to your destination. Traveling from Malpensa or Bergamo airport it will take you more time, than traveling from Linate airport to the city center.

Milan Airport Transfers

Be prepared and know in advance, all services (public and private) that for your convenience connect the Milan city center with Milan airports:

Private Arrival Service

Do you want to trouble after a long overnight airplane trip with the local public transport system? If not enjoy a tranquil arrival in Milan with this private transfer service. Meet your driver at the Milan airport, and relax on the journey to your hotel.

Duration: 45 minutes to 1 hour

Price: Starting from 30€ per person

Milan Airport Private Departure Transfer

If you have enjoyed your stay in Milan, you have visited Milan top sights, tried local food or did some shopping, sooner or later, time to leave this cosmopolitan city is almost here. Book your departure transfer in advance and have a smooth departure from your hotel for your flight home.

Duration: 45 minutes to 1 hour

Price: Starting from 30€ per person

Book Your Airport Transfer From Milan Airports

Malpensa International Airport (MXP)

Malpensa airport (IATA code – MPX) is located in the province of Varese, near Milan. It’s the second biggest international airport in Italy, about 52 km northwest of the city center. Malpensa transfer service offer several ways to get to Milan city center starting from trains, buses and taxi:

Train Service:

The fastest and the most frequently used is Malpensa Express train that connects two principal Milan Train Stations – Cadorna Station and inevitable Milan Centrale (Central Station).

Bus Services:

There are two companies covering this service:

  • The ‘Malpensa Shuttle’ – by Air Pullman bus service connect both Malpensa Terminal 1 and 2 with Milan Central Station. For the price of 10€ (RT 16€) , it runs every 20 minutes. It stops at Milan Central Station, Piazza Luigi di Savoia, outside the station at the right side of the main building.
  • Terravision Bus Service – also connects both Malpensa Terminals with Milan Central Station. It also has 20 minutes frequency between each bus. It’s cheaper and costs 8€ OW and 14€ RT. It takes around 50 minutes to/from the airport. Buy your return ticket online and save €2!

Taxi service

If you opt for taxi service, you’ll find numerous taxi as soon as you leave the arrival area.For your security don’t take any other taxi, if you don’t see the sticker ‘Taxi autorizzato per il servizio aeroportuale lombardo’

Taking any other taxi without this visible sign, you are risking to pay a double tariff. This is valid for all Milan airport transfers, no matter what airport is in question.

Taxi ride costs from Malpensa to the center from 80€ to 110€, which depends on the distance. If you take a taxi from Malpensa to Linate airport you’ll pay 110€.

Milan airport transfers – Linate (LIN) airport

Linate airport, also known under the name ‘Enrico Forlanini’ is the closest airport to the city center. It’s only 7 km from city center.Thanks to its proximity to the city, it’s relatively easy to get to Milan’s center. You may choose the following means to reach the city center:

Bus service:

The cheapest way to get to the center is a public Bus N°73 which links Linate Airport with San Babila Square, which is right in the heart of the city. The bus runs from 6:00 A:M. to midnight every ten minutes. The bus ticket is 01,50€ (valid 75 minutes) and may be bought at tobacconists and newsagents inside the airport.

For travelers landing at Linate airport and looking to reach Milan Central Railway Station there is Linate Shuttle Bus service that connects Linate to Central Station every 25 minutes. The first departure leaves at 06.30 AM up to 23.30 PM.

From Central Station (Piazza Luigi di Savoia) runs from 06.00 AM up to 23.00 PM every 30 minutes.

Ticket price: 5€ OW and 9€ RT

Travel time: is 25 minutes in either direction.

Bus service Linate to Malpensa and vice-versa:

In case you need to reach Malpensa Terminal 1 (international oversea connections flights) there is also Malpensa Shuttle bus service connecting both airports. One way tickets costs 13€ and 26€ round trip. To be informed about timetable, please visit this link!

Taxi service:

If you need a taxi, you’ll find one at airport exit. Keep in mind to take taxi only with authorized sticker (the same one I mentioned for Malpensa taxi service -see above).

The price for taxi Milan airport transfers service starts from 3.30€ per km (daytime), 5.40€ per km (festive daytime) and 6.50€ per km (night drive).

An average ride from Linate to Duomo shouldn’t me more than 20€ depending on traffic.

Bergamo (BGY) airport

Bergamo or Orio al Serio Airport is the third Milan airport which takes over part of Linate and Malpensa air traffic. It’s 45 km from Milan center. It is often used in state of emergency as in case of fog. It’s one of the most important low-cost airports in Italy.

Here are the most convenient Milan airport transfers means to reach this airport from/to Milan city:

Bus service:

Terravision Low Cost Express Coach is the most relatable service from/to Bergamo airport to Milan Central Station (Piazza Luigi di Savoia).

For price of only 5€ OW is the cheapest way to reach Milan city center.

Now you can book directly your express low-cost airport transfer to/from Milan Bergamo airport direct to/from Milan Central Station.

Bergamo airport is also connected with Milan Central station and Malpensa airport by Orio Shuttle bus service, run by ‘Locatelli Air Pullman‘ company.

Check all important info about timetable and tickets prices on this link. Prices start from 4€ to 12€ from Orio al Serio airport to Malpens terminals 1 and 2.

Milan-Orio Al Serio by taxi

Taxi area is located outside the arrivals.

Taxi prices are around 90€ per taxi from there to Milan city center.

Even here, make sure that it has the sticker ‘Taxi autorizzato per il servizio aeroportuale lombardo‘ on the windscreen.


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