Milan Guide

Planning to visit Milan Italy? Maybe, you’re already there! Are you excited to be on your own in a big, new city. Would you like to turn a visit of this city into a joyful experience.

Do you need real Milano local tips, not just the usual tourist information.

Have you ever thought how nice it would be to have someone who lives there and would be willing to reveal secrets on what to do and see, where to eat, how to move in and around the city, where to do shopping and more?

If so, this website will be the right place for you.

This city is not so big as a Rome but probably will be your entrance door to Italy. The city itself has a population of around 1.4 million while the metropolitan area counts over 3.1 million inhabitants.

A visit to Milano  can be overwhelming, particularly in foggy winter period or tiresome in pesky hot summer months but it will always surprise you with its charm and extreme elegance.

Tips for Milan Visitors

I know Milan Italy as the palm of my hand. I like walking the streets of the city and I know what kinds of questions people usually ask, and what people really want to know before and during their visit of Milan.

All pages on this website are filled with practical information and tips, based on my experience about this city that will help you know the city as only the locals know it.

Here you will find useful tips and answers on questions such as:

Recent Travel Tips For First-time Milan Visitors

  • Pizza is love, passion, obsession. Is it hard to find a pizza worthy of the name in Milan?
  • Milan “low cost” gourmet — dream lunch break at prices more than affordable.
  • Where in Milan you can eat something good and work or even party at one place?
  • Where are places you can eat and feel on the other side of the world without moving from Milan?
  • A difference between a simple espresso or corretto?
  • What are the Milan spots a first-time visitor can’t miss?
  • Discover Milan Off the Beaten Path!
  • Do you know that in Milan is always aperitivo (aperitif) time?
  • Find out why Milan Italy is known for 3 F words?
  • What are the most popular nightlife spots?
  • Are you surprised why all the streets lead to the Duomo?
  • Go beyond the Navigli!
  • Where’s this place where stepping on bull balls brings good luck?
  • How do you get to Cinque Terre from Milano?
  • How to get to Como Lake?
  • How do I travel by train from Malpensa (MXP) airport to Venice?

The questions do not end here, there are so many others. All the questions are for a single purpose, to make your stay in this city unforgettable and enjoyable.