Parking In Milan

If you only knew how difficult is parking in Milan city you would have abandoned the idea of visiting the city by car. Who lives in Milan knows it well. Parking in the city is one of the most stressing daily problems that locals have to face.

Locals know how to park. They are real artists in parking their car. Wherever they find the smallest hole on parking place, locals will make it stand. Sometimes finding a hole to drop the car has become more important than getting a fine.

Considering that on the streets of Milan flow one car on two inhabitants, it’s evident that the lack of parking places have become a serious problem.

Italian cities are famous fortheirundisciplined drivers and double parking, and Milan is no exception. Pay attention not to follow this bad manner!

But what about tourists visiting Milan for a day or two?

If you really want to enjoy your visit than use Milan city trams and metro. But if you really have to come by car, then leave it outside the city center or at airport parking slots.

On this page you’ll find

Use Parking Lots When Parking in Milan

There are according ATM (Azienda Trasporti Milanesi – Milanese Transport Company) 22 car parks spread out in the vicinity of public transport routes or areas with high traffic flow: underground stations, railway stations, Linate airport, Fiera Milano City. These car parks are either multi-level or street-level.

Parking In Milan
ATM Parking Lots Map

On above map, only parking lots signed with white P on blue square are lots handled by ATM company. All parking places are subject of fee charge that starts from 1,5€ per hour (usually up to 5 hours).

Please note that parking in parking lots is not guarded and ATM does not take responsibility for any damage to things or to the vehicle.

Pay attention: do not leave any valuables on the car seats!

Parking in Milan on blue, yellow and white stripes

In case the police tow away your illegally parked vehicle – Call Ufficio Rimozioni (Impound Office) Tel.:+39 02 77270280

All over the city of Milan and also in the very center, close to most important destinations, there are numerous car parks. Most are indicated by stripes of various colors. Practically, three colors:

  • White stripes – It’s the only place where you can drop your car for free. Unfortunately these are hard to find and almost non existent (specifically in the very center like near Duomo).
  • Yellow stripes – Indicate areas reserved for residents in possession of the appropriate permit. Holders of “disabled permits’ are able to park for free in the reserved areas, both in paid areas and areas reserved for residents.
  • Blue stripes – They indicate spaces where parking in Milan is permitted upon payment for limited periods of time. The rates, operating hours and parking duration are indicated on nearby signs. For your convenience, there are some companies which manage payment through Apps for IOS, Android and Windows-phone.

Here are some of them

Parking in Milan near Duomo

For those looking a parking place near this top Milan’s destination I have a bad and good news. The bad is that it is generally quite difficult to find somewhere to park in the very center of Milan.

The good news that I propose to use Parclick program that allows you to pick up few very close parking spots near Piazza Duomo. Below you can book two closest car parking in Milan just few minutes from Duomo:

  • The Autosilo Diaz car park is located right in Piazza Diaz, just a 2-minute walk from the Duomo of Milan, in the heart of the city. Thanks to the Autosilo Diaz car park, you can park in the center of Milan problem-free in less than 5 minutes. Price starts from 6€ for two hours.
  • Matteotti car park is located on the Via Pietro dell’Orto, next to the Piazza San Babila and a few meters from the Corso Matteotti, Montenapoleone, Via Sant’Andrea, Via Manzoni, Via Senato and Via Spiga. Price starts from 6€ for two hours.

Free parking in Milan city

Parking In Milan

It’ easier to say than to find one. But after I come across this website, it seems that following their advice and with some patience as they say ‘if you do not want to spend a single penny they will give you some advice on where to find free parking in Milan’.