Costa Teguise Nightlife

With a lot of family resorts in Costa Teguise, beach bars and pubs are the main options. Our nightlife map has the best places to watch live music, shows or sports. In addition, we’ve marked out the best cocktail bars, wine bars, as well as places to karaoke or to have drinks by the pool.

All drinking venues in Costa Teguise tend to stay open during the day, so you’ll also find a lot bar and grills around town. While there are a couple of small dj lounges, if you’re looking for a clubbing experience, you’ll need to taxi over to Arrecife or Puerto del Carmen.

Costa Teguise Nightlife Map

Most of the nightlife is focused around Avenida de Jabillo and Avenida de Las Canaries with a decent cluster centered around Plaza Pueblo Marina.

Most of the beach bars and pubs are located on the western edge of Playa Las Cucharas. A few decent options can also be found near Playa de Los Charcos and Playa Bastian.

Beach Bars

If you’re anywhere near Playa Las Cucharas, pretty much every bar nearby would qualify. The aptly named Beach Bar is the most popular, but maybe only because of its simple name. In general, most of these like Surfwings and The Waterfront would also be considered a top bar & grill, and ones like Hennessy’s, The Dolphin Inn or The Cutty Sark, are decent pub options.

Flintstone’s, Robinson’s and Number One and all great options within walking distance of Playa de Los Charcos and the Las Cucharas Shopping Center. 

Bar La Gabarra is a few streets back on Avenida de Las Canaries beside the show bar.

Cocktail Bars

Dickens Bar near Vulcano Apartments/Playa Bastian along with Vali and the Four Seasons Rock Cafe on Avenida de Jabillo are the most popular. 

Hook is also good and a little closer to Playa Las Cucharas while Soleil Bar is right next to Playa del Los Charcos. Most of the top beach bars and pubs, also serve great cocktails.


The aforementioned Hennessy’s has a prime location next to Playa Las Cucharas which makes for one of the best terraces in Costa Teguise.

Bluebells and The Snug along with a few others are just one street back at the Plaza Pueblo Marina. The Highlander a few streets over on Calle de Crucero is also quite popular while the Swan Inn is the closest to Playa del Los Charcos.

Live Music Venues

Most of the bars with live music can be found west of Playa Las Cucharas, with The Venue, Decades and the Abbey Road Bar being most popular.

If staying nearing Playa Bastian then the Cavern Bar and Crown Bar are right next door to Santa Rosa Apartments/Las Coronas.

Karaoke Bars

If you’re looking to sing the night away, then Jesters and Dream Bar can be found along Avenida del Jabillo and are within walking distance of Playa Las Cucharas and the Hotel Grand Teguise at Playa Jabillo.

Show Bars

Decades (formerly Lively Ladies Showbar) is a multifaceted venue which has a drag queen comedy show on Mondays and Fridays, live music on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as doubling as a sports bar during the week.

DJ Lounges

While there are no real nightclubs in Costa Teguise, you can find decent local DJs playing in small lounges like the newly opened Lava Bar on Avenida de Jabillo beside Dream Karaoke Bar.

Sports Bars

Most of the sports bars are located off the western end of Playa Las Cucharas with Champs and Paradise Sports being the most popular. 

The Santa Rosa Sports Bar is part of their apartment complex near Playa Bastian. Popeye’s is beside Melinas Selinas and along with Ferraris are the closest options to Playas de Los Charcos.

Wine Bars

The Eatalian Wine & Food is a small but, wonderful wine bar with a decent selection of vino, cocktails, and tapas.

Pool Bars

Most resorts have their own poolside bars, but the Mai Tai Pool Bar at Playa de Los Charcos is open to everyone and well worth a visit. 

Bar & Grills

If you’re feeling a little peckish, most of the top beach bars and pubs also have great grills, but these selections can be more family-friendly.

Saxos is a good option and found right behind Playa Jabillo beside Dream Bar. Tekker’s is also pretty popular and found a couple of streets back on Avenida de Las Canaries near Plaza Pueblo Marinero.

If you’re staying near Playa Encala or Hotel BlueSea, then The Midlander is the closest option and has some TVs for live sports as well.