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Aqualava Playa Blanca

This water park was built on nature and is literally run by a volcano! Electricity usage within the park has a minimal environmental footprint due it’s it power by renewable geothermal energy source.

Park Attractions

Whether it’s the Rapids of Timan Fire, or the fast-paced slides of Corsario Bay, the twists and turns and steep dives are the reason why Aqaualava park is so popular among visitors.

For young children, the big octopus will keep them occupied for hours, and it will be hard to get them engaged with anything else. The larger rides are for more advanced age thrill seekers, and you should definitely give them a try if you can handle the adrenaline rush.

Park Relaxation

For parents who want to lounge in the sun, there are also deck chairs with umbrellas, so it is easy to just let your children run off and play while you catch some rays.

If you want to take relaxation to a whole new level there are also air mattresses in the water channel, which you can use as you slowly drift down the magma (lazy) river.

Park Food

There is a restaurant on site called TImi Kitchen, which serves a varied buffet, which can include hot dogs, pastas, burgers, fish and chips or a range of other foods.

The menu changes regularly, and they are flexible when it comes to catering to individual’s food preferences.

If something isn’t on the menu that you would like, ask them! They may well have it.