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Dino Water Park in Lanzarote Review: Cheap Waterpark Hotel

Come learn about this dinosaur-themed water park in Playa Blanca, including the rides, splash areas, opening times, parking, and pricing. Unlike most water parks in Lanzarote, Dino Park was designed as an extra feature for guests of the all-inclusive HL Paradise Island resort. Entrance is entrance is free for HL hotel guests and they can literally gain access to the park from outside their room.


While there is a dinosaur theme, it’s quite subtle inside and not really overdone. The water park has 7 toboggan slides for adults, 4 for kids and a splash area with a big bucket water drop.

There are only seven different slides for adults with exciting names like the Kamikaze Toboggan, but with a maximum height of 12.5 meters and lengths of 48-75 meters, they are more like big kid slides than anything else.

The complex size is also very small in comparison to other water parks in Lanzarote and while there is a lazy river, it’s rather short.

Children’s Area

For smaller children, there is a separate section of the park where the main attraction is the splash area. This includes some mini-slides and a big bucket water drop which kids love to get splashed by.

There are also four toboggan slides with a much lower maximum height of 3.2 meters that range from 9-11 meters long.

Park Safety

There are lifeguards all around, but the waters are quite shallow and the park not all that busy.

Food and Drink

The park offers ice-cream and a few beverages, but there is no food on site. You’ll have to exit the water park to go to the hotel where they offer a buffet restaurant and a greater selection of drinks.


Best Suited

Depending on who you bring with you to Dino Water Park and how you want to experience it, there are different ways to enjoy your time here.


Keep in mind that the HL Paradise Island a family resort and everything, including Dino Park was built with that in mind.

If you’re looking for a wild ride and non-stop excitement, this is definitely not the place for you.

Small Children

The slides were made for kid-sized fun and it’s not really a place that older teenagers or adults without small children would truly enjoy.

The main selling point is that you get free entrance to a water park with your hotel stay. Accommodation prices at HL Paradise Island can also be cheaper than other water park resorts like the Relaxia Lanzasur Club which has a similar free entrance offer to Aqualava.

Another benefit is that it’s much easier to keep track of your children, as the park is generally less busy than its island counterparts.

Wanting Quiet

Whereas Aqualava gets loads of tourists visiting each day, Dino Park mainly consists of hotel guests and a few people who want to get away from big crowds and long queues.

Overnight Stay

If you need a place to stay in Playa Blanca and have a little fun with the kids, then it’s of great convenience to be able to walk in and out of the park at any time.

If you’re just visiting the area or are not traveling with small children, then it’s an expensive experience with no real value other than being less crowded than other water parks and more small-child orientated.

Traveler Tips

Bring Snacks

For those not staying at the hotel or wanting to walk back to it, packing a few snacks and some water is advised.

Pool Not Included

Park entrance does not grant you access to the resort grounds, so for those wanting to swim in the big hotel pool, you’ll have to register as a guest.

Lockers Not Available

Lockers and safe areas to store bags were not immediately noticeable, but they may have just been hidden somewhere. Again most patrons are guests of the hotel and likely leaving valuables in their rooms. The water park, however, is quite small and with everything in view, many people left their things on a sun lounger.

Cheaper With Hotel Stay

With early bird pricing for the HL Paradise Island being around 80 € per night, it makes much more sense to stay at the hotel and get free access to Dino Park than it does to pay the entrance fee.


Entrance is free for guests of the HL Paradise Island Resort, but public access is available.

Non-guests are required to pay 20 € for adult tickets and 14 € for children.

Age Requirements

Those 12 years and under are required to be accompanied by an adult.

Opening Times

The park is open every day from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm during the summer and 11:00 am to 5:00 pm in winter.

Contact Details

HL Paradise Island
Calle Francia 2, 35570
Urbanización Montaña Roja, 35570
Playa Blanca, Lanzarote, Spain
Phone: (+34) 928 517 880 |(+34) 928 517 881

How to Get There

The park is fairly easy to get to from Playa Blanca, with a Taxi taking approximately 5 minutes from the center.

Map Location


From Playa Flamingo

You’ll find Dino Water Park about a 2 km north of the beach. First, you would go north on Avenida de Las Canaries all the way to the roundabout at Avenida Faro Pechiguera.

Here you would turn left and then quickly take your first right onto Calle Francia with the HL Paradise Island being on your right-hand side after passing Calle Holanda.

From Playa Blanca

When coming from town you’ll need to head west towards the Windmill roundabout on LZ-2 where the Playa Blanca Gas Station is. Continue going west at taking the Avenida Faro Pechiguera exit until reaching Calle Francia where you’ll be turning right.

From Montana Roja

Head east towards Playa Blanca center along Avenida Faro Pechiguera until you reach the roundabout at Calle Francia where you’ll be turning left.

If you reach the Windmill Roundabout on LZ-2 where the Playa Blanca Gas Station is, you’ve gone too far and must turn around.

Only Visiting Dino Park

If you only wanted to visit the water park, then you would continue past the HL Paradise Islands resort and turn right on Calle India.

You’ll find the entrance about half-way down this small street on the right-hand side next to the big dinosaur!


Hotel Guests

Parking for hotel guests can be found right in front of the HL Paradise Island.

Dino Water Park Only

For those only visiting Dino Park, you’ll find street parking (which seemed to be free) all along Calle India where the external park entrance is.